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I Didn’t Know That – Lookout Room

By: Taylor Rico-Pekerol 

Imagine Boise State’s campus in the mid 1900s where you would come to campus for class, or an alcoholic drink and a place to take a smoke break — all in the Student Union Building (SUB). Well, during the 60’s and 70’s, all of those activities were an option.

A smoking ban for indoor spaces was put in place and the bar was also taken out of the building sometime during the 80’s, according to the Albertsons Library archives.

Rooms in the SUB on the second floor went through major changes during the 90s and early 2000s, most notably and my favorite, which happens to be on the third floor — the Lookout Room.

The Lookout Room is now known for its scenic views and open space, which is great for larger events like Karaoke Night or student club meetings.

Before the Lookout Room became the space it is today, it was a student lounge called the Lookout Lounge, full of low-top tables, ashtrays and comfortable chairs where students could sit back, study, or relax with a cigarette.

In the 2003 SUB Annual Report, plans to change the Lookout Room to a meeting space were put in place. The new changes to the lounge were to be made along with the Bishop Barnwell and Farnsworth Room. 

If you haven’t been up to see the Lookout Room yet, make the trek up the staircase and see the amazing Boise views for yourself and imagine all the Broncos throughout history who have sat right there in the same room!