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About Us


As Boise State continues to rapidly advance and grow, we make it a priority to keep a special mindfulness of the environment to achieve the long term goal of becoming a model of low impact development for other universities. Boise State strives to keep their environmental footprint small, and their sustainable impacts large! 

Environmental Health, Safety, and Sustainability promises to establish a process to guide and oversee policy development in relation to energy use and research, as well as other options for energy and cost efficient sources on campus. In addition, the Sustainability Center will work with local and state government to provide unbiased information on the current research on energy and environmental sustainability to use within campus systems of operation in order to achieve our goal of being a top sustainable university.

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Physical Address
1129 Euclid Avenue
Mail Stop 1826

Mailing Address
1910 University Drive
Boise, ID 83725-1826