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Governance Council

In support of our obligation to keep public lands and waterways healthy and to make clear our commitment to preserving our natural resources, Boise State President Marlene Tromp has created the Sustainability Governance Council.

You can read about Dr. Tromp’s vision for sustainability in her letter to the campus community announcing the creation of the council.

Boise River Greenbelt
The Boise River and Greenbelt, photo Patrick Sweeney

The University has a longstanding commitment to sustainable practices as evidenced through our robust volunteer program committed to implementing sustainable initiatives on and off campus, innovative research from the Center for Advanced Energy Studies, and numerous building retrofits and upgrades in the interest of energy efficiency.

The Sustainability Governance Council was created to ensure the university is establishing goals, tracking progress, and maintaining operations, infrastructure and education in a manner that is both environmentally and socially responsible as well as economically feasible.

This new council and its subcommittees is comprised of faculty, staff, and students who will make actionable recommendations and provide oversight and accountability of planned actions.

Council Members