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Earth Week 2019

Celebrate Earth Day with Boise State and join movers and shakers making a difference in the Treasure Valley to create a healthy and vibrant future.

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Active April

Walk, bike, bus, scoot, skate, or carpool to Celebrate Earth Day events and be entered into a raffle!

Art for the eARTh

Meet the artists and makers that contributed to the People, Planet Solutions Maker’s Gallery at the exhibition’s closing reception. Leave your mark with art for the eARTh by adding to an interactive art piece hosted by the ReUse Market that will feature found objects, salvaged materials, and reuse items. This interactive art piece will be on display for the remaining Celebrate Earth Day events.

Details on Art for the eARTh

Voices of the Earth

Experience poetry reading, storytelling, narratives and essays from perspectives on the relationship between humans and nature. Enjoy this unique setting that celebrates an intermingling of genres and cultures to create a collective voice for the Earth.

Details & Call for Readers for Voices of the Earth

Careers for the Earth

A roundtable discussion and networking event with alumni.

Meet Boise State alumni that hold careers in nonprofits, government, and private industry to ask questions about navigating a career in the environment from a variety of disciplines.

Details for Careers for the Earth

Solutions for the Earth

An Ignite Boise style presentation where students have 5 minutes and 20 slides to pitch their ideas for programs/services/products on how to “save the world.” We invite our local movers-and-shakers to attend this presentation series and meet the ambitious future leaders that are passionate about discussing applicable solutions for growth the Treasure Valley.

Details & Call for Presentations for Solutions for the Earth