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Virtual Movie Night: Plastic Wars

November 14th
5:30PM to 7:30PM

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Watch the Plastic Wars trailer.

According to National Geographic, “Much of the planet is swimming in discarded plastic, which is harming animals and possibly human health.”  Plastic pollution has become one of the biggest critical environmental issues in the world today. We need to do something about this so it doesn’t get worse for our future generations.

Join us for a virtual screening of the documentary Plastic Wars via Zoom. You will learn about the consequences of plastic and it just might make you reconsider your own thoughts on plastics. The documentary also touches upon the history and issues around plastic awareness. After the film, participate in our post-documentary activity- Reduce, Reuse, Reimagine: Co-Creating our Plastic(less) Future.

This is relevant to our campus because action starts here. This plastic pollution problem needs a grassroots campaign to make positive change. People can engage by watching this documentary and taking action. It all begins with you and the small steps you take even if it’s just getting rid of plastic water bottles and switching over to reusable ones.

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