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How to Recycle on Campus

What goes in, what stays out

Because this new program is designed to increase the efficiency and quality of our campus recycling, please respect the following requests from our custodial team and the local recycling center:

  • Please break down all cardboard into flat pieces and place in the paper recycle bin, or flat against the wall directly behind the paper recycle bin
  • Please do not put any liquids in the recycle or landfill bins, please rinse out all containers before placing in appropriate receptacles 
  • Please do not move the centralized public waste bins, they are strategically placed for optimal accessibility and efficiency to serve your building

As a reminder, custodians do not provide desk-side recycling service, so please take your recyclables to the waste station most convenient for you and sort into the appropriate aluminum/tin and paper containers. 

Moving forward, outdoor recycle bins will take aluminum, tin, and paper.

Please see the outline below of how to recycle at Boise State. You can also refer to Recycling Cart information on the City of Boise’s Curbit website to learn about the recycling guidelines on campus, and to learn more about waste diversion in Boise.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page about recycling to seek out answers to questions about the changes of our campus-wide recycling standards

Frequently Asked Questions

What Goes In - Blue Recycling Bin

Please remember to put all recyclables in your recycle bin loose, do not bag your recyclables.



Office Paper

Newspaper & Magazines


Trash items/common contaminant

What Stays Out

Plastic Cups

Paper Cups

Water Bottles

Flimsy Plastic Bags

Plastics #3 - #7

Paper Cartons


Plastic Utensils