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The Bronco Sustainability Pledge

Our turf may be blue but our campus is green


I use light emitting diode (LED) bulbs for lamps in my room.

I unplug electronic items from the wall and turn off power strips when I am not using them.

    • Many household appliances, including electronics, drain energy when they are not in use. The NRDC estimated that “always-on but inactive devices” costs Americans $19 billion and 50 power plants’ worth of electricity annually. 

I only use the amount of light necessary for a task and use natural sunlight as much as possible.

I turn lights off when leaving a room, including bathrooms and common areas.

I turn off the AC/heat when I’m not home and utilize my window blinds.


I turn off the water when brushing my teeth.

I shower for 10 minutes or less.

I drink water from the filtered water bottle refill stations to minimize my plastic usage.

I carry a reusable water bottle with me instead of purchasing bottled beverages.

I use natural hair and body products.

    • Many of our hygiene products contain chemicals that are harmful when washed into our water supply, so try using brands that try to mitigate their negative impact.


I know and properly use the recycling bins on campus.

    • In 2019, Ada county increased by 99,744.95 tons of compacted waste, recycling can help divert a lot of that from landfill.

I clean out my aluminum and tin cans before recycling them.

I minimize my plastic usage.

    • Did you know Boise State does not recycle plastic? In the past, plastic recycling has not been effective for various reasons and therefore it’s better to avoid using plastic in the first place.

I attempt to purchase products that have minimal and sustainable packaging.

    • Sustainable packaging reduces the ecological footprint at all stages in the product’s life-cycle. It benefits both the producer and the consumer to reduce their environmental impact.

I regularly use reusable shopping bags.

I donate items I don’t need or use anymore (i.e. furniture, laptop, clothes) to local organizations and charities.

I have homemade, second-hand and/or decorations in my room.

I regularly buy thrifted and/or “second-hand” clothing instead of new clothing and I look for alternatives at thrift/second-hand stores before I buy a new product.

I dispose of batteries and electronics at the Sustainability Center’s technoscrap bin located in the Student Union Building.

I use electronic copies when I can instead of physical documents. I also double check my papers for errors before printing and use double-sided printing whenever possible.

    • Paper use contributes to deforestation. With some simple math, you could be using half the amount of paper by printing double sided! #ThinkBeforeYouPrint

I buy electronic or used books whenever possible.

    • New books also contribute to deforestation, the Bronco Shop often offers used books and ebooks as alternatives. 

I rent or attempt to sell back my books to Boise State’s Bronco Shop at the end of each semester

    • Selling back books is not only good for your wallet but gives each book another life! Check out how to do it through our very own Bronco Shop Buyback!


I only take as much food as I eat when I go to the Boise River Cafeteria (BRC), Southfork Market, and/or other dining services.

I use reusable cups, silverware, and dining ware when possible instead of disposable ones.

I use produce from the Sustainability Club Community Garden whenever I can.

I eat vegetarian and/or vegan at least once a week.


I utilize the cold water settings when I wash my laundry.

I wash full loads of laundry.

I use laundry products free of harmful synthetic fragrances and dyes.


I utilize public transportation whenever possible.

    • Using public transit uses less emissions and takes up less space, urban living can be very sustainable! Track the Boise State shuttle here!

I bike around campus and in the city whenever possible.

I take the stairs rather than the elevator if possible.

    • Elevators use energy and walking lets you exercise! 

I turn off my vehicle’s engine while in waiting zones.


I participate in sustainability activities at Boise State.

    • Find out about Boise State Campus Sustainability events here.

I take sustainability-related courses at Boise State if possible.

    • Search for “sustainability” as a key term and find results for sustainability-related courses across many disciplines in the myBoiseState Student Center’s “Class Search Enrollment.” The Department of Environmental Studies has great introductory courses to start.

I support or am a member of a sustainability-related extracurricular group.

I volunteer for a sustainability-related organization.

I know I can contact whenever I have a question about sustainability on campus or visit their website for more information.

    • Our team wants to help you answer any questions and find ways to be more involved on campus, please feel free to reach out to us!

This pledge was modified from the NYUGreEN Room Pledge from New York University.

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