World Language Placement

Students who wish to place into higher levels of Spanish, French, and German classes can schedule a World Language Placement Exam at the Testing Center. The placement exam consists of a Grammar & Reading section, as well as a listening Section.

Scheduling the Test

Language placement tests are administered by appointment only. An exam fee of $23.50 is due at the time of registration and can be paid online. Students must present a Boise State student ID, or valid Government-issued ID, at the time of registration.

Schedule a Language Placement Test

Other Languages & College Credit Options

Spanish, German, and French placement exams are available for scheduling at the testing center. The exams are for placement purposes only. Achieving the desired score allows students to enrolled in higher-level language courses, but does not grant college credit. The World Language Department website has information on receiving credit for the courses you tested out of. Additionally, you can find information on language testing in Arabic, ASL, Basque, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Latin.

Options for Students with Prior Language Knowledge

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