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Scantron Services

The Testing Center provides scanning and scoring of bubble-sheet tests (Scantron), along with survey and evaluation reports to the instructors, researchers, and departments at Boise State University. Scantron Services is located in the Simplot Micron Academic Success Hub, room 217. You can drop off your Scantrons in person or by campus mailing an envelope at mail stop #1450. A completed drop-off form must be included with your bubble sheets. Instructors who are new to Scantron testing should take a moment to read the Scantron policies and procedures.

Policies & Procedures for Scantron Testing

Drop-off Form

A completed drop-off form must be included with your ungraded exam. Please note the Grading Options section of the form. You may use this area to indicate:

  • Any Select All That Apply questions where the student must select all the correct options to receive credit for the question.
  • Any Multiple Correct Response questions where the student may select one of several correct options to receive credit for the question.
  • Any weighted questions that have a different point value than other questions on the test.

Note: Only the question numbers should be listed, separated by commas. You do not need to include the correct responses in the grading options.

Scantron Drop-off Form


Blank Bubble Sheets

Blank bubble sheets can be picked up at our office in the Simplot-Micron Building, room 217. They can also be campus-mailed to your department mail-stop on request.

Administering Scantron Tests

The accuracy of information provided on the bubble sheets, as well as on the drop-off form, affects the quality and timeliness of results. Before the test begins, instructors are advised to make verbal instructions that include the following:

  • Ask students to bubble-in their names: Remind students that names must be both written and bubbled in the student name field. Students should bubble in their last name, leave a space, then their first name. If you need the Blackboard grade file to identify students by ID, you should remind them to bubble in their Student ID as well.
  • Ask students to use a #2 pencil: The scanner can only detect markings made with a #2 pencil. The Scantron machine will often interpret responses made with other writing utensils as blank.
  • Ask students to use clean erasers: The Scantron machine often reads eraser smudges as incorrect responses.
  • Orient the bubble sheets uniformly: If you’re having students submit their sheets in sorted stacks, ask them to keep the bubble sheets in a uniform orientation. When delivered, the black squares along the edges should be aligned.
  • Do not use damaged Scantron sheets: Students who turn in damaged, wrinkled, or torn scantron sheets should be asked to transfer their responses onto a new sheet.
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