Testing Accommodations

If you have been approved to receive certain accommodations from the Educational Access Center, you can request your accommodations at the testing center. Please keep in mind that some accommodations can only be provided at the Educational Access Center.

How it Works

You can request your accommodations to be applied to your Registerblast account by completing the form below. Please note that proctors won’t be notified of your accommodations if you make an appointment as a Guest User. If you’re new to Registerblast or have not used it in some time, please see the instructions for accessing your account.

How to Use Registerblast


Extended Time

For extended time accommodations, you will be able to create Registerblast appointments that reflect the amount of time you are approved for. However, your instructor controls the amount of time allowed on the test itself. You should work with your Coordinator at the EAC to make sure your instructors are aware of your approved accommodations.

Accommodation Request Form

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