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Summer DanceFest 2022 (TBA)

Presented by Idaho Dance Theatre and

Boise State University Department of Theatre, Film, and Creative Writing

Since 1990 Summer DanceFest has become one of the most distinguished and unique dance workshops in the Pacific Northwest.  Summer DanceFest offers the highest quality training for today’s dancer during two weeks of intensive training in ballet, pointe, men’s class, pas de deux, jazz, and modern.  It is the place to gain technique, core, strength, versatility of style and performing experience.  The training includes daily classes and rehearsals with cutting edge choreographers, culminating in two performances for dancers age 12 and older with intermediate to advanced technique.

How Do I Register?


Please email or call Marla Hansen to set up an audition in person:, phone 208-426-3568. Or you may send a video audition with the following: a ballet barre, do each exercise on one side only, but alternate sides. Ballet center work showing adagio; turns of all kinds including en dehors, dedans, arabesque, traveling turns; and jumps, petite and gran. Also do pointe work combinations in the center; at the barre if you are a beginner and not ready for center. The video must also include contemporary and Jazz combinations. Please email a digital video to: video no later than date to be announced for 2022.

Option A $520 – 2 weeks all classes and performances
Option B $370 – 31-50 classes
Option C $320 – 21-30 classes
Option D $220 – 16-20 classes
Option E $185 – 11-15 classes
Option F $150 – 10 classes (available only for Ballet technique or Modern/Jazz)

To be in the choreography classes dancers must be registered in the technique class that relates to the choreography. To be in a ballet piece students must be registered for the ballet technique class. To be in hip hop and jazz choreography students must be registered for jazz technique. To be in contemporary choreography students must be registered for modern technique

Contact Marla Hansen for further information 208-426-3568 or

The workshop culminates with a performance of all the works from choreography sessions. This will last several hours for lighting cues, etc. The workshop date will be announced for 2022.  A link to the performance will be shared with all the dancers and whoever they want to share it with!

Class Schedule/Registration and Medical Release forms for 2022 to be announced.

Summer DanceFest Faculty

Ballet, Point

Men’s class Curriculum: Anna Adaska, Elizabeth Barreto, Adrienne Kerr, Marla Hansen, Yurek Hansen

Ballet Choreography

Marla Hansen, Nathan Powell, Yurek Hansen

Jazz Technique and Jazz Choreography

Sophie Dalbratt

Modern Technique

Meaghan Novoa, Yurek Hansen

Hip Hop and Musical Theatre Choreography

Zackary Anderson

Contemporary Choreography

Evan Stevens, Katie Ponozzo, Kylie Rodgers, Yurek Hansen, Meaghan Novoa, Michael Burns