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Aly Clark, Alessandra Denning, Grant Mullikin, Fran Magee, Christy Suciu

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About Easy Biz

Audio Transcript

Easy Biz is a virtual business incubator and accelerator that brings all the necessary tools and connections needed for someone to start their own business anytime anywhere. Many people have brilliant ideas for startups and simply don’t know how to approach creating their own business. Others have rigid schedules and can’t accommodate normal business hours of operation.

Easy Biz allows these innovators 24/7 access to their startup along with all the connections and services that they need to achieve success. Additionally it pairs them with possible partners and investors to further progress their ideas.

While the average business incubator or accelerator requires in-person meetings and a specific schedule, Easy Biz permits usage when it’s convenient to the customer. With our experienced team and easy-to-use platform, stress, confusion, and hassles of creating a business melt away.

Though a costly initial endeavor, Easy Biz is committed to helping others. Small business websites cost anywhere from $2,000 to $8,000, but can be upwards of $40,000 depending on the complexity of the site. Customer acquisition costs are projected to be about $7 per person, but with the various revenue streams Easy Biz will be able reap profits while aiding those with great ideas.

Through a customizable subscription service individuals can pay for the resources that they want to use and avoid paying for those they don’t. A free trial period is available to those that would like to familiarize themselves with what we offer before making a commitment.

We hope to attract the independent innovator through a plethora of different marketing channels such as Instagram, Facebook, and even TikTok. Other traditional outlets like newspapers and magazines, in addition to podcasts will also give us the exposure needed to get the message out about Easy Biz and its many unique value added resources.

People shouldn’t have to compromise on their dream. Nearly 600,000 small businesses fail each year in the US due to an absent business model or marketing positioning, incorrect customer development and improper marketing strategies. Easy Biz here in mitigate this failure rate and put people on the right track to prosperity. With our commitment to increasing entrepreneurial success Easy Biz is the key to bringing concept to fruition. Easy Biz. Making business easy.