Founder Fireside with Whitney Hansen

Join the Venture College to hear startup stories from some of Boise’s most innovative entrepreneurs! Learn about the successes, hardships, and insights into launching your own venture.

Every Tuesday at the Venture College (301 S. Capitol Blvd.) from 5:30 – 7:00.

Whitney Hansen is the Owner of the Whitney Hansen, Co., and is a financial coach, blogger, podcaster and coffee lover. After paying $30,000 in student loans off in 10 months, she started helping people create similar plans. She:
• Created one of the fastest growing personal finance courses at Boise State
• Directly reaches 20,000 people every month through her blog
• Created The Money Nerds Podcast (awarded Best New Personal Finance Podcast in 2017)
• Helped coaching clients pay off over $300,000 during 2017

Whitney will discuss how to become a thought leader, best practices for networking, and how to produce a successful podcast.