Speaker Series: Kate Stoddard with Orchestra Provisions, LLC

Kate Stoddard, Idaho-native and founder of Orchestra Provisions, LLC, will be at the Venture College (301 S. Capitol Blvd) on Friday, November 22nd at 10:00 a.m. to talk about her environmentally sustaining food product (crickets!), her recent Trailmix win at Boise Startup Week, and to answer questions about her business and the process of starting her own company.

Orchestra Provisions is innovating the way western cultures approach eating insects. Their line of spices is designed to provide a nutritional punch, delivering not only essential nutrients, but divine culinary flavor. Spices are the ideal introduction to entomophagy. Make a contribution to the cause with no compromise to your flavor experience because when you give them a chance you find, crickets enliven flavor!

Orchestra Provisions, LLC. is the inspiration of Kate Stoddard, a native Idahoan with intertwined passions for nature and the nourishment it provides. A lifetime of intimacy with the outdoors and gardening, coupled with a great “hunger” for the culinary arts has culminated in the formation of Orchestra. Kate has a formal education that resulted in a masters of the science of nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. It was here that Kate focused her energy toward food systems and necessary education regarding the search for sustainable solutions. This inevitably led to the great matter of feeding a flourishing population of humans.