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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Venture College only for business students?
No! We are a resource hub for all students and faculty of any discipline.

Is Venture College more than elective classes?
Yes! We are far more than just classes. Venture College hosts competitions and community mixers, provides internship opportunities, and we even have our own incubator for startups.

Do I need to have a business idea to join Venture College?
Nope! Our classes help teach you the basic principles needed to find your own idea over time or help improve others’ ideas. Plus, we can even pair you with an existing startup that could benefit from your talents!

Which Venture College program is best for me?
Just schedule a time to meet with us 1-on-1 and we can figure it out together.

Can Venture College Help me raise money for my business idea?
Yes! We help you raise money for your startup in three ways:

  1. Venture College has it’s own mini-fund for seed-stage startups and ideas. In the past, students have received $500-$6,000 in funding.
  2. We help students win pitching competitions like the IEC. Students have previously won $1,000-$12,000.
  3. We help students prepare to formally pitch to local investors. Students have previously raised over $500,000 with our help and training.

How is Venture Collge different from the College of Business and Economics or an Entrepreneurship Major?
We do not believe you have to major in business or entrepreneurship to launch a venture. In fact, some of the most successful entrepreneurs did not major in business. That’s why Venture College spends some time teaching universal best practices for launching a startup – while spending most of our time providing you tools and experience building opportunities.

Do you accept non-profit ventures?
Yes! We have a network of mentors that specialize in non-profits and social enterprises.

Can I attend Venture College courses without taking them for credit?
Yes! If you want to attend a class, but cannot take it for credit, please contact us so we can save you a spot.

Do I have to attend Venture College classes to participate in Venture College competitions or mixers?
No. Our events, resources, and help are for all students – not just ones taking VC courses.

Can Venture College help me find a job or internship?
Yes! We get contacted all the time about jobs within the Boise startup community. Please see our Job Board page.

Do you provide legal or financial advice?
We will share with you general best practices that have worked for other successful startups. We can also introduce you to mentors that specialize in legal or accounting.

Can teams apply?
Yes! We highly recommend teams to apply. Historically, teams are more likely to launch a successful startup than a lone individual.

How do I get started?
Just contact us so we can set up a quick meeting and figure out the best path for you