Internship Teams

Students from all disciplines work together in teams to support existing Boise startups and businesses.


Unlike traditional internships where students are often isolated in a cubicle, Venture College has created internship teams that work together at our downtown campus. Students teams will receive various projects from startups and businesses across Boise.
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BUILD YOUR RESUME: Students are given the opportunity to gain unique resume experience employers are looking for by working with multiple local Boise businesses.

Did you know, “research from Gallup revealed that the majority of U.S. business leaders say the amount of knowledge a candidate has in a field, as well as applied skills, are more important factors when making a hire than where a candidate attended school or what their college major was.” –

EARN PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATIONS: In addition to work experience, student interns can earn professional certifications to add to their resume and LinkedIn profiles, which leads to higher paying jobs after college.

According to EdX, professional certifications “provide learners with a more immediate path to reskill or upskill quickly in order to advance their career or position themselves for a new job.”

HAVE A FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE & WORK WITH FRIENDS: We provide our interns with the flexibility to work around their school schedule while being able to work with their peers (from all different majors) in a team setting.

“I loved working with a team of interns at Venture College. We had a lot of fun but also pushed each other to make sure we were completing tasks on time for our clients.” Chase Carpenter, Intern


Q. Do I have to be a Business major?
A. NO!!! We accept and encourage students from all majors and disciplines to apply. For an effective team, we want students from different backgrounds, perspectives and talents!
Q. Can I get academic credit?
A. Yes, but it is not required. If you have limited hours or do not have enough credit hours available, no problem! We recommend you apply and then we can figure out what works best.
Q. Will the academic credit count towards my major?
A. It can. When applying, we will help you register for the right credits to help you towards your graduation goals.
Q. Will I work with one company or multiple companies?
A. Generally, you will be working with multiple companies to broaden your exposure and build depth to your resume.
Q. Will this be paid?
A. It can be. Depending on the experience and project, there are paid internships available.
Q. How many companies does Venture College work with?
A. We work with over 50 companies throughout Boise – many of them startups, non-profits, or local businesses.


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