Computing Across Campus

Why join this project?

Join an inclusive community of researchers using computing to get things done! Students will learn and apply computational skills to solve science puzzles that span disciplines. This VIP class is a way for students to engage in interdisciplinary research and learn data wrangling skills that enhance all majors.

Note on Fall 2019 semester for Dr. Jankowski: I’d encourage you to enroll in another VIP this Fall, and to plan on bringing the friends you make with you to Computing Across Campus in Spring 2020. The main aim of Computing Across Campus is to support our interdisciplinary computing community by way of helping you meet each other, work together, and making it fun and rewarding to support peer learning around computing. This Fall  I’m currently looking to direct our past and future VIP students to OTHER VIPs, and then to bring us back to Computing Across Campus in Spring 2020. The idea here is to use Computing Across Campus as a way to specifically support the other VIP projects occurring across campus, and to coordinate the VIP with our Research Computing Days conference and Undergraduate Research Conference in the Spring semester. Students who took Computing Across Campus in the Fall missed out on that training/networking opportunity last year, and we’re hoping to improve on that.

Students will gain:

  • Meaningful research and coding experience
  • Software Carpentry training in Python, R, MATLAB
  • Arduino & Rasberry Pi Computing
  • Develop skills employers want

We are looking for…. all majors welcome, no experience needed!

An intro programming course, Software Carpentry Workshop, or hatchery course in python are nice, but not necessary.

Coach info:

Dr. Eric Jankowski is an assistant professor in the Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering. He leads the Computational Materials Engineering Laboratory (CMELab) at Boise State. Full bio at

Dr. Jankowski partners with professors across campus to match students with coding opportunities in their area of interest. Current faculty partners include Dr. Lejo Flores (GEOS), Dr. Cathie Olschanowsky (CS), Dr. Vicken Hillis (HES), Dr. Eric Hayden (BIOL).

Course Information

VIP  200-019, VIP 400-019, or VIP 500 -019.
Full semester course. Choose to enroll in 1 or 2 credits.
VIP teams and meeting times will be organized at the beginning of the semester.

Interested in joining this team?

For more information and to request a permission number to register contact Dr. Eric Jankowski OR complete this interest form and someone will contact you.  Check out this document for tips on contacting a professor about joining a team.

To register:  search by Subject: Vertically Integrated Projects, select section 019 of VIP 200, 400, or 500. Use permission number, here are instructions