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Why OER Language Teaching Repository?

Opportunities to learn other languages are limited, especially, in Idaho. Foreign language teachers have little support. The World Language Resource Center at Boise State University wants to impact the opportunities learners have to connect to the global world, but we need your help! We value working with Boise State students across colleges and programs to pull together diverse teams to create open (i.e., free), digital activities that support the teaching and learning of foreign languages and promote intercultural competence. You don’t have to speak another language to be on our team! If you have a passion for other cultures and value collaboration and project-based learning, this VIP is for you. Learn more:

Experience Gained

Students who complete one or more semesters of this project may expect to gain knowledge and experience in some of the following, with a greater breadth of learning corresponding to length of time on the project.  Skills acquired may include:

  • Explore and adventure the world right here in Boise!
  • Collaborate with a community of international students, language instructors, and interdisciplinary majors.
  • Connect to a variety of languages and cultures to build intercultural competence.
  • Curate an open collection of high-quality activities, resources, and educational materials that put your unique skill set to use.
  • Leave a lasting legacy for future students and instructors of world languages here in Idaho and across the nation.

Majors and Interests Needed

We are looking for a team of students with curiosity and a desire to learn more about the world around them. We would welcome students with innovative ideas for connecting students to the global world. These students will be autonomous learners and willing to try, fail and try again.

The project may be particularly complementary to majors or minors or proficiencies in:

  • Pre-service language teachers
  • Advanced language majors
  • Graphic Design
  • Computer Science
  • Communication
  • Theater Arts
  • GIMM
  • Marketing
Success in our VIP Program gets you:
  • A strong letter of recommendation for graduate school or other future opportunities.
  • Real-world skills needed to bolster employability, for example, digital literacy and working on collaborative, diverse teams.
  • An ePortfolio demonstrating experiential learning and professional projects.
  • A sense of purpose: your work will impact education and provide global learning opportunities for future generations
VIP Coach Information

Kelly Arispe received her Ph.D. in Spanish Linguistics at the University of California, Davis with a Designated Emphasis in Second Language Acquisition (SLA) in 2012. She has taught Spanish Linguistics and Spanish language courses at the University of New Mexico, San Jose State University, and Sonoma State University. In addition, she has extensive experience teaching online and in the hybrid format and has co-taught annual workshops in Salamanca, Spain to train Spanish teachers and professors on how to effectively integrate technology in their language courses.

Amber Hoye received her Masters of Educational Technology (MET) and graduate certificate in Online Teaching for Adult Learners from Boise State University. She also holds two Bachelors degrees in Mass Communication and Spanish. Her current responsibilities as Director of the World Language Resource Center include supporting faculty implementing mobile learning and other innovative practice, maintaining the department’s website, offering consultations and workshops for faculty, as well as scheduling and supervising the department’s many conversation labs. Amber also instructs FORLNG 498: Professional Portfolio Seminar, a preparatory class for language majors that helps them to prepare for entering graduate school or the job market.

Course Information

Full semester course.
Register for 1-2 credits in VIP 200-021, VIP 400-021, or VIP 500-021.
Team meetings TBD by participants.

Want to join the team?

For more information and to request a permission number to register contact Dr. Kelly Arispe at or Amber Hoye at OR complete this interest form and someone will contact you.  Check out this document for tips on contact a professor.

To register:  search by Subject: Vertically Integrated Projects, select section 021 of VIP 200, 400, or 500. Use permission number, here are instructions

Hear what current and former students have to say

“We start our college careers with a very limited worldview perspective. Working with instructors and students from diverse cultures and languages allowed me to see the world with a different lens and taught me to appreciate customs from different parts of the worlds. From Spain to the Andes, I learned valuable facts which otherwise I would never have learned.” Daniel Felix, Spanish/Latin American, and Latin Studies

“I love learning about people’s stories. The exposure to others’ cultures gives me a better understanding and respect for people who are different than me.” Sarra Foerster, Special Education, and ASL minor

“Working with students and instructors from different languages and cultures really broadens your understanding of different human experiences. It’s one thing to read about culture, but it is much more interesting to explore culture and language through conversations specific interests.” Blake Simony, Communication with an emphasis in Journalism, Spanish, Psychology minor

“The work environment is very casual and welcoming, but organized and goal driven. I like that we get to create fun activities and interact with students from a variety of language and culture backgrounds.” Chloe Pampush, Graphic Design, and German Minor

“I was able to broaden my perspective, and skill set, on what I could do in the future. Before working at the WLRC, I thought I was just going to go to graduate school for linguistics and then have to brainstorm on what I would do for a career. Now I feel like I have more paths in front of me.” Theadora Callahan, Linguistics, and Japanese Minor, and Intermediate Arabic Certificate