Accounts Payable (AP)

Supporting the overall interest of the University through compliance with federal, state and University policy and regulations by reviewing and approving non-payroll disbursements.

Consulting with campus community to provide payment solutions for unique or complex transactions.

How does AP support Campus?


  • Conduct Group and Individual Training
  • Advise on best practices for AP transactions
  • Provide solutions for unique or complex payment issue


  • Approve and process requests for Disbursements,Internal Payments, Travel & Expense Reports and Correcting Entries
  • Set up, maintain and monitor P-Cards
  • Set up and maintain Supplier records
  • Coordinate Relocation reimbursements
  • Classify and monitor Independent Contractors

What’s New

New 9/9/19

New procedures for Corrections and
other Accounts Payable Processes

Correcting Entry Matrix
Tools & Resources
Correcting Entries Training PowerPoint

New Forms

Submit a Correcting Entry for a single transaction
Submit a Correction Entry for multiple transactions
Submit Purchase Order Payment Approval (ok to pay)
Submit Internal Payment Requests


Register for Training
Processing Payments to Independent Contractors (and other non-employees)
workshops are being offered on the following dates:
September 18, 2019
October 16, 2019
November 20, 2019

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