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Account Code

Six digit code that specifies revenue, expense, fund balance, asset, liability or surplus
Synonymous Terms: account, cost center, budget rollup account, object code
Examples:311900 – Miscellaneous Student Fees, 502000 – Postal and Mail Services

Appropriated Funds

Funding source allocated by the state
Synonymous Terms: Budgeted departments

Department ID

A Ten digit code that specifies a department funding source as either
appropriated, local or restricted
Synonymous Terms: org id, cost center, dept account
Examples: 904L101001 904A100001

Department Summary Report

A Report available via PeopleSoft that notes summary of transactions
that impact a particular department id by period

Fund Code

Four digit code previously used to identify the fund group.
Examples: Always 9990

Graduate Assistantships

May include student account payments made  by department sponsoring the assistantships.
Synonymous Terms: Grad Waiver


Source of funding that has specific terms and conditions associated with it.
Synonymous Terms: Sponsored Projects

Journal Entry (JE)

Post a transaction, or adjust or correct a previous entry.
Will appear on Dept Detail Report with Source Code of  ONL.
Synonymous Terms: Correcting Entry, ONL
Examples: ONL

Local Funds

Funding source is locally generated department revenue.

NSF (non-sufficient funds) checks

Checks that are returned to Boise State due  to lack of funds in account. Process is two-fold.
Student Financials is  involved in collecting on student accounts. Admin Acctg is involved in process
when department accounts must be debited for NSF checks.
Synonymous Terms: Bounced Checks, Returned Checks

Payment Request

Form to complete when reimbursement or payment  is required.
Synonymous Terms: check request

Project/ Grant Code (PGC)

Alpha and/or numeric code that is used to  organize and specify activity
within a specific project or grant for reporting  purposes.

Project Period

Timeline of grant fund. Specifies deadline  for use of grant funds.

Purchase Order

Legal contract placing order that follows a requisition.
Synonymous Terms: PO
Examples: PO


Internal document containing approvals that departments submit to Purchasing
with information related to a desired  purchase.

Source Code

Code on dept detail report that indicates where entry was initiated.
Synonymous Terms: HR, ONL, AP, IDC, SF

Spending Authority

Approval for spending funds out of departmental  accounts.
Synonymous Terms: Budget

Third Party Payments

Payments received from an outside source  to pay for student account
charges, e.g. fees and/or housing.
Synonymous Terms: TP Waiver


Accounting information and vendor information  is entered on a voucher into the PeopleSoft system,
thereby producing  checks and reporting information. (Accounts Payable process)

Voucher Upload

Spreadsheet is loaded into PS and check prints.   (Accounts Payable process)
Synonymous Terms: upload
Examples: Student payments, OIT, Utility payments, Motor pool