Please review Boise State University Policy 11010, Gift Solicitation and Management, for information on the university’s uniform method of gift solicitation and management.

Idaho State Board of Education Policy Section V.E.5.

Notwithstanding the Board’s desire to encourage the solicitation and acceptance of gifts through affiliated foundations, the Board may accept donations of gifts, legacies, and devises (hereinafter “gifts”) of real and personal property on behalf of the state of Idaho that are made directly to the Board or to an institution, school, or agency under its governance. Gifts worth more than $250,000 must be reported to and approved by the executive director of the Board before such gift may be expended or otherwise used by the institution, school, or agency. Gifts worth more than $500,000 must be approved by the Board. The chief executive officer of any institution, school, or agency is authorized to receive, on behalf of the Board, gifts that do not require prior approval by the executive director or the Board and that are of a routine nature. This provision does not apply to transfers of gifts to an institution, school, or agency from an affiliated foundation (such transfers shall be in accordance with the written operating agreement between the institution, school, or agency and an affiliated foundation, as described more fully herein).
* * *

  • Before official acceptance of gifts valued at $250,000-$500,000, prior approval by the executive director of the State Board of Education is required.   Please contact Melissa Jensen, Finance and Administration, for requirements for such a submission.
  • Before official acceptance of gifts valued at $500,000 or more, prior approval by the Board is required.   Please contact Melissa Jensen for requirements for such a submission.