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The Controller has authority for payment card acceptance and eCommerce. Administrative authority of Marketplace has been delegated to Student Financial Services.


The credit card companies and the bank assess monthly merchant fees for all bank cards. Additionally, TouchNet charges an annual license fee to use their software. To cover the cost of these fees, your department is charged a monthly fee of 3% of the amount of revenue collected during the month. This fee is charged to your department’s account by a journal entry.


If your department would like to accept donations, please visit University Advancement.

Maintenance and Security of Payment Card Information

  • Departments need to be sensitive to the issues surrounding accepting credit card numbers as part of a business transaction. The department and university can be held liable for improper usage of credit card numbers.
  • Credit card information should not be stored on any computer or other electronic device.
  • Credit card information should not be written on paper or sent by email.

Payment Methods

  • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover)
  • Electronic Check (ACH)

Sales Tax

Before requesting a Marketplace account or accepting payments via Marketplace, you must contact Tax Reporting to determine whether or not you should charge sales tax.
For taxable items sold via uStores, sales tax will be calculated using the current rate and displayed at checkout.
For taxable items sold via uPay, you will need to configure your business application to calculate sales tax using the current rate or account for the sales tax after the fact on the department transmittal.

Shipping Charges

Shipping charges are calculated using a combination of a flat per order amount and/or a per item charge.