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Departments and Employee Organizations

  • Provide the information necessary for Marketplace setup.
  • Assist customers with using its uStore and/or business application.
  • Prepare department deposits and submit backup to Payment & Disbursement ( in a timely manner.
  • Please include a Marketplace Report showing totals for the day.
  • Review and process requests for payment refund.
  • Securely store paper receipts and reports.
  • Designate a primary contact who will be responsible for the uStore or uPay site as well as educating the employees in your department about university guidelines.
  • Responsible for notifying Tax Reporting of any new items added to the store; if it is a recurring conference, luncheon, etc. responsible for contacting Tax Reporting prior to opening registration for the event each year.
  • Inform Tax Reporting if you are shipping items to the state of Washington (potential for more information needed for other states.)

Marketplace Coordinator

  • Process requests to use Marketplace, submitted through the Marketplace Application.
  • Provide support of existing Marketplace accounts, handled by email at
  • Maintain system-wide settings shared by users and stores.
  • Maintain security over user accounts.
  • Maintain Marketplace website and documentation.
  • Communicate system upgrades, outages, and/or policy changes through the Google Groups “TouchNet Users” group.

Administrative Accounting

    • Assess monthly fees via journal entry.
  • Process Negative Daily Balances.
    For Questions, Contact Deidra Robledo at (208) 426-1018.

Payment & Disbursement Center

  • Process departmental deposit received from departments.

Tax Reporting

  • Review sales tax implications of all stores.
  • Continually reviewing implications of out of state sales (Boise State University is responsible for collecting & remitting sales tax to the state of Idaho and the state of Washington.)
  • Review UBIT implications of all stores.
  • Remit monthly, quarterly and yearly sales tax payments & reports.
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