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Jaggaer Resources

Coming Fall 2022: Jaggaer, an industry leader in sourcing and procurement software

Please submit your questions about Jaggaer or the implementation of Jaggaer using the Jaggaer Questions Form.

Jaggaer Resources


Boise State University is implementing Jaggaer, an online procurement system, for eProcurement, Accounts Payable, and Contract Management. This comprehensive yet easy to learn procurement software is scheduled for campus-wide roll out in late Fall of 2022.

Jaggaer is being configured for Boise State University’s business needs and compliance considerations which is informed by focus groups and known process issues. We will shift all procurement activities to this online procurement process, similar to an e-commerce experience.


Implementing Jaggaer will align the purchasing power of several higher educational institutions in Idaho. This unified approach will enable us to:

  • Better steward taxpayer resources by providing a unified procurement lifecycle.
  • Implement a comprehensive and easy to use platform.
  • Facilitate procurement collaboration between institutions.
  • Adopt industry best practices and improved efficiency.
  • Enhance spend management and administrative oversight.
  • Provide transaction visibility and accountability.
  • Simplify compliance and process with an intuitive system
  • Leverage catalog purchasing for ease of use and reduce P-Card reconciliation workload


There are three assigned user roles in the system: Shopper, Requestor, and Approver

Most campus users will have the role of Shopper. The Requestors and Approvers will be required to attend training to gain access to the system.

Jaggaer Role Flowchart


Instructor led (via Zoom) and online training will be provided before Jaggaer is rolled out.


  • End user visibility for procurement processes. Real time procurement workflow statuses are visible in
  • system, and both the end user and Central Administration will have access to the same system screens.
  • Queue based approvals. Approvers will be assigned to a transaction queue based on dollar threshold. Multiple approvers can be invoked throughout the process, reducing the risk of a stalled approval due to staff outages. Approvers can save filters on their queues to find relevant transactions by Chart of Accounts or other fields.
  • Cart consolidation. Requesters will have the ability to consolidate shopping carts from multiple shoppers.
  • E-invoicing. Vendors and departments will have online, paperless options for submitting invoices including emailing electronic invoices and vendor direct uploads into the system.
  • Bulk look up and system actions for multiple POs. Administrators will be able to copy and paste rows of PO numbers into the search bar, allowing them to act on multiple POs at once.
  • Enhanced reporting and auditing within the system. Users can access audit trails, workflow statuses, and other information directly from a requisition, allowing them to research and act on a PO within the same system.
  • Commonly used forms library in the application. Required requisition attachments are available in the system forms library.


  • All forms, invoices, supporting attachments in the procurement process will be electronic.
  • Provides system transparency to all users. Workflows and transaction information are visible and consistent for all users: Shoppers, Requesters, Approvers, and Central Administration.
  • Cost Savings. Jaggaer will allow the four ID institutions of higher ed to combine their power when negotiating contracts with preferred suppliers, which will drive cost savings.


Please submit your questions about Jaggaer or the implementation of Jaggaer using the Jaggaer Questions Form.