Purchasing Policy & Procedures

Purchasing Policy

University Purchasing Policy 6130

Purchasing Procedures

  • Purchasing Appeals Process
  • Purchasing Quick Reference Guide
  • Computer OrdersState of Idaho procurement contracts for computer hardware, servers, etc must be utilized whenever possible. The Office of Information Technology (OIT) must approve all computer purchases. Only those p-card holders who have been specifically authorized may use the p-card for computer purchases. All other purchases will be processed by OIT and Purchasing. Find out more by visiting the OIT website.
  • Surplus Equipment
    Use the Request for Disposal of Excess, Salvage or Trade-In Inventory Items found under University Administrative forms. For items to be sold or donated send the completed form to Purchasing. Donated items typically take two to three weeks to process. Sale items typically take four to five weeks to process.For items to be discarded by the department send the form to Central Receiving who will pick up the excess property for disposal.

    State of Idaho Purchasing Department must approve trade-in of equipment toward a new purchase. Contact Boise State University Purchasing for details.

    Boise State University employees and their families are prohibited from obtaining Boise State University surplus property.