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Enrolling And Related Financial Obligation

  • It is important to know that enrolling in a class creates a financial obligation to the university (including auto enrollment from a waitlist).
  • If you decide NOT to take a class or classes, the financial obligation remains until you officially DROP the class prior to the applicable session’s Drop date. Please see the Academic Calendar to learn the Drop date that applies to the session in which you have enrolled.
  • Not attending class or participating in a distance learning class is not the same as dropping the class and does not remove the financial obligation.
  • If you have been awarded financial aid, dropping a class or classes may have financial aid impacts. You may be required to repay all or a portion of any financial aid awarded to you.
  • Each semester students must complete a financial agreement consenting to these conditions before enrolling in classes. Please see our Student Financial Agreement help document for additional assistance.
  • Please ‚Äčemail if you have questions.