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Cash Class

Financial Basics

Please note: Mountain America Credit Union does not provide “credit repair services” and cannot guarantee information provided in this video will help you “build” or “improve” your individual credit record.

Cash Class – Group Sessions

Please contact Dana Oster ( to request a Cash Class presentation.

Experts include

Whitney Hansen – a millennial finance expert, financial coach, speaker and host of the award winning podcast, The Money Nerds. She has been featured on GoBanking Rates, CNBC, ESPN, Yahoo! Finance, Ally and frequents local news channels. After paying off $30,000 in 10 months, hacking her way to a $472 MBA and buying her first home at 19, she discovered her love for helping Millennials take control of their financial life.

The Money Nerds
FREE How To Pay Off Debt Workshop

Todd Christensen – authored, “Everyday Money for Everyday People,” as a practical money guidebook for ANYBODY and EVERYBODY ready to swap financial insecurity for financial stability and success.

Money Fit by DRS Inc
Financial Wellness Program (Money Fit) and Money Fit Academy
Everyday Money for Everyday People

Luke Erickson – Personal Finance Specialist with an emphasis on youth education. Areas of expertise include credit building, credit scores, investing for retirement, withdrawal strategies, financial goal setting and emergency preparedness.

Night of the Living Debt

Classroom Activities

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