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Financial Wellness Program

…designed to help you acquire the skills needed to minimize debt, alleviate stress and foster a healthy relationship with money.

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Financial Wellness Coordinator –

Our Vision

Student and alumni dreams made possible through financial wellness.

Our Mission

  • Provide comprehensive financial education opportunities to campus and community.
  • Foster a campus culture of financial awareness and understanding while encouraging healthy financial decision-making behavior.
  • Cultivate a safe space to explore a wide-range of financial questions and concerns from a preventative standpoint.
  • Embrace the BroncoFit holistic wellness initiative of our Boise State community.

Cash Class

Request an expert to deliver structured presentations on preferred topics.

Money Matters

Confidential guidance and support related to personal finance matters for students and their families.

Financial Fitness

Financial exercises for students and educators.

Minimize Debt

Taking on and paying off debt responsibly.


Campus and community services for basic needs.

Living on One’s Own

Meet the needs and expenses of living independently.

Educational Funding Choices

Financial planning for your educational journey.

Handling Life after College

Plan to meet life's demands before you graduate.
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