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Money Matters Brochure (Web Version)

Campus Resources

Bronco Shop
Boise State University Bronco Shop,
Student Union Building,
(208) 426-BOOK (2665)

What They Do:

  • Assist students in purchasing textbooks and course materials
  • Provide school supplies, art products and apparel
  • Offer buy-back services up to 50% off

Career Center
Boulder Hall, Room 111
(208) 426-1747

What They Do:

  • Student jobs, internships, and experiential learning opportunities
  • Career counseling and job search advising
  • Development of online presence, resumes, and interviewing skills

Dining Services
Student Union Building, Information Desk,
(208) 426-INFO (4636)

What They Do:

  • Provide food options across campus
  • Issue meal plans
  • Offer dietitian consultations (nutrition, dietary needs / allergies)

Financial Aid and Scholarships Office
Administration Building Room 124
(208) 426-1664

What They Do:

  • Process and release financial aid and scholarships
  • Assist with questions about financial challenges, eligibility, borrowing,
    budgeting, etc.

Housing and Residence Life
Chaffee Hall
(208) 447-1001

What They Do:

  • Provide on-campus housing for students

The Info Desk
Student Union Building, Information Desk,
(208) 426-INFO (4636)

What They Do:

  • Issue official student identification cards (Bronco Card)
  • Support card services (meal plans, flex dollars, Bronco Bucks, printing dollars and facility use

Office of the Dean of Students
Campus School
(208) 426-1527

What They Do:

  • Scholarship workshops
  • Short-term emergency funding
  • Individual support during financial hardship
  • Food pantry
  • Meal assistance program

Student Financial Services
Administration Building Room 101
(208) 426-2134
Chat Online:

What They Do:

  • Process student tuition and accept payment toward fee charges
  • Tuition and fee payment plans
  • Short-term loans
  • Process refunds
  • Financial responsibility agreements

Transportation and Parking on Campus
Student Union Building Transit Center
(208) 426-PARK (7275)

What They Do:

  • Provide information on Bronco Shuttle, Cycle Learning Center, and Boise Green Bike.
  • Free Valley Ride bus sticker with student I.D.
  • Issue parking permits
  • Provide education on parking citations

Important Dates for Fall 2022

  • July 1 – Work Study awarded students may begin
  • Aug 5 – Finalize schedule for Financial Aid
  • Aug 13 – Financial Aid disbursement
  • Aug 18 – Move-in Day
  • Aug 20 – Fee Payment Deadline or payment plan enrollment
  • Aug 22 – Classes begin
  • Sept 2 – Last day to add or drop without a W and receive refund; Financial Aid census date – Pell eligibility;  Last day to submit residency request
  • Oct 1 – FAFSA application for 2023-24 opens; Deadline for spring 2023 scholarships
  • Oct 28 – Last day to completely withdraw
  • Nov 1 – Spring registration begins

Important Dates for Spring 2023

  • Dec 26 – Finalize schedule for Financial Aid
  • Jan 4 – Financial Aid disbursement
  • Jan 7 – Housing check-in; Fee Payment Deadline if not enrolled in payment plan
  • Jan 9 – Classes begin
  • Jan 23 – Last day to add or drop without a W and receive refund; Financial Aid census date – Pell eligibility;  Last day to submit residency request
  • Feb 15 – Summer registration
  • March 17 – Last day to completely withdraw

Costs of Attending College

Estimated on-campus cost of attendance (COA) 2022-2023 for undergraduates


CostOff Campus One TermOff Campus Academic YearOn Campus One TermOn Campus Academic Year
Tuition and Fees$4182$8364$4182$8364


CostOff Campus One SemesterOff Campus Academic YearOn Campus One SemesterOn Campus Academic Year
Tuition and Fees$12851$25702$12851$25702

Budgeting for Costs

Note: Bottom Line Estimator provides an estimate of expected costs.

Our Bottom Line Estimator can help you calculate if you will owe money or receive a refund after receiving financial aid for the semester. The estimator allows you to enter your housing choices, enrollment, and individual information, then automatically subtracts the financial aid you are scheduled
to receive.

To access the Bottom Line Estimator

  1. Log in at myBoiseState.
  2. Choose “Bottom Line Estimator” from the My Account tab or type “estimator” in the Services search box (add it as a resource for easy access in the future).
  3. Make sure you understand the benefits and limitations of the estimator before you continue by signing the disclaimer.
  4. Enter information about your enrollment, housing, additional costs and fees. The final summary shows if you have an owing balance after financial aid, or if you will receive a refund.

Financial Checklists

Student Checklist Image

Student Checklist: Complete Release of Information, Watch Student Center Navigation Video, Complete Student Financial Agreement, Review Student Center Help Items, Refer Questions to

Parent Checklist Image

Parent Checklist: Complete Release of Information, Student Financial Set-up and Help, Educational Funding Choices, Understanding Student Loan Repayment, Last-minute Financial Guidance

Filling the Gap

Scholarship Opportunities

  • Review your scholarship options at Boise State Scholarships
  • Remember to apply for scholarships each year. Most applications open late fall with early spring deadlines for the next academic year.

Student Employment

Boise State Handshake

  • Search for part-time jobs on and off campus, internships, and post-graduation career positions.
  • Schedule career counseling and job search advising appointments.

Optimize Financial Aid

Financial Aid Forms 2022-23

  • Verification forms, budget requests, and special conditions

Parent PLUS Loans

Boise State Financial Aid Parent PLUS Loans

  • The Federal Direct Loan program Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) is an option if the student’s financial aid and other family resources are unable to cover
    all costs of a college education.
  • Payments on the principal loan amount may be deferred as long as the student is enrolled at least half-time.
  • A review of parent’s eligibility is conducted. If denied, it is possible for the student to request an additional unsubsidized loan that is available to independent students.
    Apply online at

Alternative Student Loans

  • Alternative student loans are provided by private lenders and may be used to bridge the gap between your federal aid and the cost of attendance. Boise State does not endorse specific lenders and will process loans from any other loan lender. Be sure you have fully explored all federal funding options.

How to Plan

Payment Plan Options

Payment plans include the ability to schedule recurring payments at any time.

Payments made with a debit or credit card will incur a 2.75% convenience fee.  Electronic Check (ACH) payments will incur a fifty cent transaction fee.

University Fee Payment Plan

Available if you have at least two billable credits.

Enroll through your Student Center online. A $30 nonrefundable application fee will be charged to use the plan. Search: Boise State Payments

University Fees Payments due

Aug 25, Sept 25, Oct 25, Jan 25, Feb 25, March 25

Housing and Meal Payment Plan

Automatically enrolled in payment plan. (No service fee).

Housing and Meal Payments due

July 25, Aug 25, Sept 25, Oct 25th, Nov 25, Dec 25, Jan 25, Feb 25, March 25, April 25

Risk Guidance and Instruction

Payment Channels + Resources

  • Online: Make your payment through your student account online via electronic check, debit/credit card, 529 plan, or international payment.  Third-party payments as an authorized payer
  • In-Person: Payments accepted by check or money order.  After hours payment drop box for convenience..
  • Mail: You may mail or drop-off your check or money order (no cash payments) to 1910 University Dr., Admin 101, Boise State University, Boise, ID 83725-1246

Zoom appointments available by request;

Guidance and Instruction

Financial Wellness Program (free)

Financial Wellness Program

  • One-on-one and group support designed to help students minimize debt, alleviate stress and foster a healthy relationship with money.

Bronco Ready Course (free)

Bronco Ready

  • All new Boise State students are invited to complete an online, self-paced course called Bronco Ready to earn one credit.
  • Parents can log in too! Look for the “Manage Money Matters” module all about finances.

COID 210 – Applied Personal Finance

See College of Innovation and Design Course List for more information

  • This two-credit course through the College of Innovation and Design teaches students to master personal finances like credit, taxes, insurance and retirement funds. Topics like investing, entrepreneurship, budgeting and paying off debt are also covered.