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Handling Life After College


    • Complete the Personal Finance Emergency Checklist worksheet to be well prepared financially in the event of an emergency
    • Explore various money management tools such as calculators, budgeting worksheets, and checklists on
    • Book a Money Matters meeting with Financial Wellness Coordinator Dana Oster


Paycheck Calculator by Smart Assets

    • Calculate an estimate of your paychecks after tax for both hourly and salary wages depending on your city

Living Wage Calculator by MIT

    • Use this calculator to compare living wage to minimum wage in various cities across the U.S.

Consumer Resources by Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

    • Guides and tools to help you make more informed financial decisions

Life Insurance Needs Calculator by Life Happens

    • Protect yourself against risk with this quick quiz that estimates the amount of life insurance you may need for your family


A Guide to Income Taxes for College Students by Saving for College

    • Tips on how to handle taxes and take advantage of tax deductions and tax credits
    • Familiarize yourself with relevant tax forms you may have to fill out as a college student and find your tax bracket

Top 10 Student Loan Tips for Recent Graduates by The Institute for College Access & Success

    • Tips on how to overcome the obstacle of student loans as you graduate and enter “the real world”

Career Articles

Vision Board: Invest for Your Future by

    • Create a vision board for both short and long term financial goals

Career and Job Market Research by Boise State Career Services

    • Resources that will help you become knowledgeable and conduct research on the job market and careers that interest you

Students and Financial Literacy by

    • Consider reviewing the following sections:
      • Planning for the Future
      • Starting Your Career


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