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Fee Payment Plan Directions

  1. To begin the process, sign in to login screenshot
  2. From the main page, click Student View.Student View screenshot
  3. Next, click Student Center under the Services menu.Services Dropdown
  4. Next, click on the Student Financials tile.Student Financials Tile
  5. Select Enroll in Payment Plan from the options on the left.Enroll in Payment Plan options
  6. Click on the payment plan you want and select Next.Select plan
  7. Review the installments and select Next.Review Installments
  8. Review the terms & conditions. If you agree, Check the agreement box and select Enroll (or click cancel to exit). Note: Your balance before any payments made will be split into three installments. Any payments made towards tuition and fees, including Financial Aid, will pay toward those charges in due date order. Your installments may look different than this estimate if this is the case.Review Terms and Conditions
  9. You should receive the following message: “Congratulations! You have successfully enrolled in [term date] Payment Plan. Please note that if your made a prior payment, the total installment amounts displayed below may adjust when payment plan enrollment is complete and you view your account.”Congratulations. you have successfully enrolled screenshot

If you have questions or need additional help, please contact the Account Maintenance Center, Administration Bldg Room 101, (208) 426-2134,