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Make a Payment

    To make a payment online, follow the steps below.
  1. Sign in to login screenshot
  2. From the main page, click Student View.Student View screenshot
  3. Next, click Student Center under the Services menu.Services Dropdown screenshot
  4. Next, click Make a Payment on the Student Financials tile to go straight to our payment processor, or click elsewhere on the tile to be taken to the Student Financials module. Note: If nothing happens when you click Make a Payment please check your browser settings and disable your popup blocker. Our payment center will open in a new tab or window.Student Financials Tile screenshot
  5. You can also access the payments page if you click the Student Financials Tile then select Charges Due from the menu on the left.Charges Due Dropdown screenshot
    Financial Account Screenshot
  6. You should now see your charges due. Click the Make a Payment link in the upper left. Note: If nothing happens check your browser settings and disable your popup blocker. Our payment center will open in a new tab or window.Make a Payment link
  7. From the payment center, click the Make Payment button.make Payment button
  8. You may pay by term or by line item. Select the option you prefer and enter any amount you wish to pay, up to the total due, then click payment option by term or by line item screenshot
  9. Select the payment method from the drop down box. Click on the Next button.payment method dropdown screenshot

Credit Card Payments

  1. Review the details of your payment and click Continue to PayPath.Credit Card payment review screenshot
  2. A new window will open allowing you to access PayPath. This window may be behind your current window, so please double check if you don’t see it. Click continue to go to the next step. Note: there is a convenience fee of 2.85% or $3 (whichever is greater) for paying with a credit or debit card. You may pay with an electronic check (see instructions below) to avoid this fee. Welcome to PayPath Payment Service screenshot
  3. Enter the requested information and select Continue.Payment Card Information screenshot
  4. Confirm the payment information. If changes need to be made, select Cancel otherwise, once you agree to the terms and conditions, click on Submit Payment.Confirm Payment information screenshot
  5. You may print the Confirmation Page for your records. You will also receive a receipt via email to the address you provided.

Electronic Check Payment

  1. Follow steps 1-4 listed at the beginning of the page, selecting Electronic Check instead of Credit Card.
  2. Complete the form with your payment information. If desired, you may save this payment info for future use. Click on the Continue button.Electronic Check payment
  3. To confirm the payment you must read and agree to the terms and conditions. Then select Submit to complete your payment.payment Terms and Conditions screenshot
  4. Print the Confirmation Page for your records. An email receipt will be sent to your email address.Print Confirmation Page for your records screenshot