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Student Direct Deposit

Students can use direct deposit to receive student refunds faster. Students who are also employees can also add a second account for paychecks if desired. This document will take you through the steps to:

  1. Sign up for direct deposit.
  2. Add or change banking information.
  3. Student employee direct deposit.

Navigate to Direct Deposit Page

  1. To begin the process of enrolling in direct deposit, sign in to
    my.BoiseState login screenshot

  2. From the main page, click Student View.

    Student View screenshot

  3. Next, click Student Center under the Services menu.

    Student Home Page Tile screenshot

  4. Next, click on the Student Financials tile.

    Student Financials Tile

  5. Select Direct Deposit Access from the options on the left.

    Direct Deposit Access

Sign up for Direct Deposit

  1. Click on the button for Student Refund to add an account for direct deposit of those funds. Note: Clicking Payroll or Travel/Expense will open a new tab/window to those systems.

    Student Refund-

  2. Confirm your identity by entering your birth date information and the last five digits of your Social Security Number. If you do not have an SSN, leave that box blank. Click Done in the upper right after you enter your information.

    Confirm your Identity

  3. Click Enroll in Direct Deposit to begin.

    Enroll in Direct Deposit

  4. Enter your bank account information. Contact your bank if you do not know your routing or account numbers.
    bank account info

  5. Click to agree to the terms of the direct deposit, then click Submit.

    agree to Terms and Conditions

Change Bank Account

  1. Follow steps one and two above to see your Direct Deposit information.
  2. Click on the bank account you wish to change.
  3. Enter your new information as above, agree and Submit.

Employee Direct Deposit

  1. From the main Direct Deposit page, select the Payroll button.

    employee Direct Deposit

  2. A new tab/window will open that will take you to the Payroll system. If nothing happens, check your browser settings and disable any popup blockers. The new window will ask you to verify your birth date and last five digits of your SSN. If you do not have an SSN, leave this box blank.

    Verify Social Security Number

  3. Select Edit to change your account.

  4. Add your new account information and click Save.

    Add new Account info

  5. The following confirmation will show:

    The Save was successful.

    Employee: The effective date of your direct deposit will occur on the pay day of the pay period the change or addition was made. For a list of pay days and pay periods, a Payroll Schedule is located on the Payroll Services Website.

    Students: Due to our prenote process, it may take up to seven days to verify your direct deposit information. During that time, any refunds generated may be sent as a check.

    An email has been sent for verification of this change.

    Confirmation message

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