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Bronco Hub HCM Frequently Asked Questions


Time Entry

Do all employees submit time cards?

No. Classified staff, student employees, and all other hourly non-exempt staff submit time cards in Bronco Hub. Time cards must be submitted and approved the Monday after the pay period ends; view time card approval dates on the Payroll Schedule.  Submitted time cards route to your line manager (supervisor) for approval.

Most faculty and professional staff are exempt employees and paid a bi-weekly salary, meaning you only submit time off (absence) requests in Bronco Hub.

What are the submission and approval deadlines for time cards?

HR requires time entries and approvals to be completed the Monday after the pay period ends; view time card approval dates on the Payroll Schedule.

Employees may complete time entry sooner than Monday (e.g., Friday prior to Monday approval deadline).

Who approves submitted time cards?

The line manager (supervisor) of the employee or the time and labor coordinator for the department/unit is responsible for approving submitted time.

Line managers receive an approval notification email when time cards are submitted. Supervisors can approve, reject or request more information about the time submitted. Watch the time approval video to learn more.

If time is entered after the approval cutoff deadline, when will the employee be paid?

Time entered / approved after the approval deadline will  be paid out the following pay period. Visit the Payroll Due Dates Calendar for pay period information and related approval deadlines. 

How are time cards created and submitted in Bronco Hub?

How are time cards edited in Bronco Hub?

Employees can edit the time card for the current pay period and can go back one prior pay period to make edits.

Follow the instructions on the View or Update Your Saved or Submitted Time Card job aid.

Does the employee receive any notifications about their time card?

Employees receive an email after their supervisor takes action on the submitted time card; the email indicates whether the time card has been approved, rejected or if more information is needed.

If more information is requested, employees should respond to the email with the additional information OR should navigate to existing time cards to edit and resubmit the time card as needed.

How do time cards work for employees with multiple assignments

Employees with multiple assignments must select the appropriate position from the Assignment Number drop down field. After selecting an assignment number, the timecard displays the related Business Title and Department ID.

Employees should review the Business Title and Department ID to verify the appropriate position for the time being entered.

Once submitted, the supervisor of the assignment(s) selected will receive an email alerting them of the submission. If an employee has multiple assignments, all supervisors must approve applicable time entry for the time card to be approved.

Do employees enter holidays on their time cards?

No. Holidays are created and entered as part of a system process and should not be manually entered by employees.

How is comp time entered?

If requesting overtime pay, enter time as hours worked.

If requesting comp time, enter time as comp time accrued. Note: the system will generate an error if entering comp time accrued and less than 40 hours for the week.

Can someone else enter or edit time for an employee if the employee forgets or is unable to?

Line managers and time and labor coordinators may enter or edit time cards on behalf of employees that fall within their Area of Responsibility (AOR). If a time card is entered by a supervisor on behalf of the employee, the supervisor must still take action (i.e. approve, reject or request information) on the time card.

Follow the instructions on the Enter, Edit or View a Time Card Entry for Another Employee job aid.

If an assignment is already over, can the employee or manager go back and edit hours worked?

If the assignment (job) has ended and is no longer active, contact Payroll for assistance. 

Are the Time Card and the Add Absence section of Bronco Hub connected?

Yes. Hours submitted and approved via “Add Absence” will populate on the related employee time card (applicable for hourly employees). If needed, employees can edit the absence via Add Absence or Existing Time Cards. Do not add/edit the same time entries in both Absence and Time & Absence section of Bronco Hub.

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Are employees required to submit absences using the Add Absence section of Bronco Hub?

All employees requesting time off in advance should do so via the Add Absence section of Bronco Hub. If an hourly employee submits time off via Add Absence, once the request is approved, the time will populate on the time card related to the submission.

Hourly employees that utilize time cards may choose to enter absences directly to their time card rather than submitting via Add Absence. Employees should talk with their supervisor to understand whether their supervisor wants time off requests submitted in advance or during the pay period in which the leave will be taken.

How are absences submitted in Bronco Hub?

Can a submitted and approved absence be deleted or updated if needed?

If employee schedules absence, can a Line Manager see and edit the absence?

Yes, a line manager can see and edit the absence.

Can supervisors view all direct report leave balances at once or do they have to be looked up one by one?

You can view leave balances for all direct reports by running the Employee Leave Summary Report

Work Schedules

What are Work Schedules in Bronco Hub?

Work Schedules in Bronco Hub tie to the Add Absence section of the system; the purpose of work schedules is to make sure employees do not enter an absence outside of their normal working schedule.

Are Work Schedules required for all employees?

Work schedules are only required for benefit eligible employees.

Do employees have a pre-set work schedule in Bronco Hub?

Yes. By default, employees will have a standard Monday through Friday (40 hours per week) work schedule.

If an employee has a non-standard work schedule that does not match any of the schedules available in HCM, or their schedule changes frequently, then supervisors will set that employee’s work schedule to “Open Work Schedule.”

The Work Schedule job aid has been updated to reflect the Open Work Schedule information.

If I have a direct report that does not work a standard Mon - Fri schedule, can the work schedule be updated?

Yes. Follow the instructions on the Update a Work Schedule Assignment for an Employee job aid.

Who is responsible for updating employee work schedules?

Line managers (supervisors) are responsible for updating Work Schedules for their direct reports.

Time Entry Approval & Notifications

What notifications occur with time card submissions and absence requests?

When a time card or absence request is submitted in Bronco Hub, the employee’s line manager (supervisor) receives an email notification alerting them of submission. Supervisors can approve, reject or request more information about the submission. Once the supervisor takes action, the employee receives an email letting them know details of the action taken.

If more information is requested, employees should respond to the email with the additional information OR should navigate to existing time cards to edit and resubmit the time card as needed.

If an employee has multiple assignments and submits time for multiple positions, will the supervisors only see the time entered for the assignment they are supervisor for?

Supervisors will only see time entry for the assignment they are the supervisor for via email notification and system notifications in the Worklist, Things to Finish and Bronco Hub notification bell.

Supervisors can see all time entered via Team Time Cards, regardless of assignment. If an employee has multiple assignments, all supervisors must approve applicable time entry for the time card to be approved.

Can supervisors delegate time approval responsibility to another employee on a short or long term basis?

Yes, you can delegate time approval.

If the line manager approves time that is incorrect will they be able to go back and fix it or does the line manager need to contact HR?

Yes, both the employee and manager are able to go back and make changes to time before payroll processes, even if it has previously been approved by the manager. If needed, employees and supervisors can also go back one prior pay period to correct any inaccuracies on the time card.

Any changes will require another approval from the manager even if they submit the change.

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Can time card approvers search for all employee time cards at once?

Yes. Access the Team Time Cards section of Bronco Hub and search by the 5 digit department ID using the Advanced search fields.

Direct Deposit

How is direct deposit set up in Bronco Hub?

Follow the instructions on the Add or Update Direct Deposit Information job aid.

If an employee only adds their bank account information but does not set up a preferred payment method, what happens?

If an employee adds a bank account but does not indicate a preferred payment method, the system will default to a live check for the employee rather than depositing funds into their bank.

Always create a payment method to ensure receipt of direct deposit.

Tax Documentation

How can I view my tax withholdings?

Do you submit a revised W-4 form via HCM or is this submitted in paper or another way to HR?

W-4 forms are completed via employee self service action in HCM. Go to Pay > Tax Withholding.

Instructions are outlined on the View or Update Your Federal and State Income Tax Withholding job aid.

Are Year End Documents available in Bronco Hub - HCM?

Year End Documents are processed outside of HCM.

Visit the Year End Tax Information webpage for more details about W-2, 1099 forms and more.


How are Adjuncts hired?

There are two options to hire Adjunct Faculty:

How are benefit eligible employees hired?

Benefit eligible employees are not hired in Bronco Hub – HCM. Instead, benefit eligible employees are hired through PageUp.

How are Graduate Assistants hired?

How are non-benefit eligible and temporary employees hired?

How are students hired?

Students are not hired in Bronco Hub – HCM.

Access the Hire a Student Employee job aid for information about hiring students.

Approval Workflow for HR Actions

What is the approval workflow for Bronco Hub - HCM actions?

Learn more about the Bronco Hub approval workflow on the Approval Workflow Webpage.

Where can I see the list of department Funding Source Managers approvers?

The Standard Approval Workflow Matrix includes information about Funding Source Managers for both HR and Financial approval workflows.

How are approvers notified when something is pending review/approval?

Approvers are notified via system generated email and via approval notifications in Bronco Hub.

Within Bronco Hub, approval notifications include the Notification Bell, Things to Finish section,  and Worklist.

How can I delegate approval workflow tasks to someone else?

Follow the instructions on the Delegating Bronco Hub Approval Workflow job aid.

What does Area of Responsibility mean? Will people have access to do things for all campus, for a specific college. Who can do what?

Areas of Responsibility (AORs) will be used to define the scope of responsibility for Business Administrators, Budget Representatives, Funding Source Managers & Provost Administrators.

Business Manager is based on department/org chart of the university.

With a Business Manager/Admin AOR you have:

  • Access to initiate the same transactions as Line Managers
  • Ability to view assignment and salary details
  • Ability to view Tenure, Degree, License/Certification & Honor/Award information (Talent Profile)
  • Ability to run reports