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Bronco Hub Training Calendar

Bronco Hub training topics

In person training sessions are being postponed until fall.  In the meantime, if you need assistance please look at the information below.

We are working to create self-guided trainings for future use.

Training Topic   Purpose        Learn more here Need additional help?
Intro to Employee Travel & Expense ReimbursementsParticipants will learn:
1) Why and when to use a Travel Authorization and Expense Report
2) Basic details of policies for employee reimbursement and recall where to find them
3) What purchases are reimbursable for Boise State Employees
4) The requirements to complete a Travel Authorization
5) The requirements to complete an Expense Report
6) Appropriate reports for Expense Report tracking
Employee Travel

Expense Reports

P2P Support Team
External Supplier Orders and PaymentsParticipants will learn:
1) How to create and submit Invoice Payments, Purchase Requisitions, and Payments for independent contractors,
2) How to approve or reject transactions and review transaction status and
3) How to set requisition preferences for ease of system use.
4) How to check the status of Invoice Payments
Invoice Payments

Independent Contractor

Purchase Requisitions

P2P Support Team
University Financials 101Participants will learn:
1) A basic understanding of university financials and accounting principles.
2) Participants will be able to define: types of funding, appropriated and local budget, revenue and expense accounts, encumbrance, and more!
All Segment Values & Funding Segment String

UFS at a Glance
UFS 101 Contact Guide
Boise State Reporting TrainingParticipant will learn:
1) How to access and review Budget vs Actual information,
2) How to access and review Transaction Detail,
3) How to make corrections to transactions
Appropriated and Local Summary - BvA Dashboard

Appropriated BvA - BvA Dashboard

Local Fund Balance - BvA Dashboard 

Sponsored Program BvA Dashboard 
For support, submit an
OCI Service Request
AAR Pivot TrainingParticipants will learn:
1) How to set parameters and schedule the Account Analysis Report (AAR),
2) How to navigate the data fields, and
3) How to use the Excel Macro to format the Account Analysis Report into a meaningful view of data related to specific departmental business needs.
Account Analysis ReportFor support, submit an
OCI Service Request

ALBR – Alberstons Library
Alexander-SUB – Alexander Room Student Union Building 
Barnwell – SUB – Bishop Barnwell Room in Student Union Building
BGYM – Bronco Gymnasium Computer Lab
ERB – Environmental Research Building
HRELDL – HR Employee Learning and Development Lab
ILC – Interactive Learning Center
Jordan C – Student Union Building
RFH – River Front Hall

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