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Frequently Asked Questions

University Financial Services

General Q&A

How do I access Oracle Financials Cloud (OFC)?

Oracle Financials Cloud can be accessed from myBoiseState Employee View using single-sign capability.

What is Oracle Financials Cloud (OFC) used for?

OFC is the university’s official financial record used to enter, review, and take action on transactions to include purchase requisitions, expense reports, accounting, and required documentation.

What is POET?

POET is the method that transactions are coded in OFC for purchase requisitions and expense reports. All other transaction types will use the full segment string. POET includes the Project, Organization, Expenditure Type, and Task. This can be translated to the project, department, and account segments plus the task number.

Nothing is working, how do I get help?

You may request production support through the Office of Continuous Improvement Request Center and the request will be assigned to a colleague for resolution.

I have a suggestion, who do I tell?

You can email the UFS-Office of Continuous Improvement team with specific feedback and suggestions at

What security is offered in Oracle Financials Cloud (OFC)?

Unlike public cloud data storage offerings, OFC resides within a dedicated private instance in the Oracle Cloud infrastructure. All​ University OFC data centers must reside (by legal contract) within the boundaries of the continental US. By doing so, Oracle must meet US regulations and data security compliance requirements. This includes banking regulations for data security.

Oracle Cloud infrastructure complies with the Federal NIST 800-53 security controls framework. This framework is considered one of the most rigorous security frameworks in the industry and clearly defines requirements and compliance for data security such as data encryption in transit and at rest, system controls, access controls, etc…

Oracle provides the University with yearly attestations on Service Operations Controls (SOC 1 and 2) completed by independent auditors utilizing Statement of Standards for Attestation Engagement (SSAE)No. 16 auditing standards.

Approval Workflow Q & A

How do I check the status of an expense report or requisition?

The Transaction Approval Dashboard allows users to identify the status of Expense Reports, Requisitions, and Requisitions awaiting action. Watch this Video on how to use the Transaction Approval Dashboard or refer to the Job Aid – Running Transaction Approval Dashboard Report (PDF).

How can I identify an approval workflow routing issue?

These are a few of the reasons approval workflow may not be routing as you anticipate:

  • A delegation or vacation rule could be causing the routing to be redirected.
  • Approval workflow will always route to the traveler’s primary supervisor for Expense Reports and to the requester’s primary supervisor for Requisitions.
  • Rules may need to be revised. The Standard Approval Workflow Matrix identifies designated approvers by department. If an approver is incorrect, completed the Approval Workflow Maintenance Request form.

Watch this Video on how to diagnose Approval Workflow routing issues. You may also review the Standard Operating Procedure on the process flow of Approval Workflow.

How do I delegate approval workflow?

You can designate another individual to approve all of your approval workflow tasks. Both a Video – Approval Workflow – How to Delegate Approval Workflow Authority and a Job Aid – Managing Approval Workflow Rules Delegating Approval (PDF) are available with step-by-step instructions.

Expense Report Q & A

What is an Expense Report (ER)?

An Expense Report (ER) is completed in Oracle Financials Cloud (OFC) after a business trip is completed or purchase is made. They are processed to request reimbursement for all business-related expenses, both travel and non-travel related.

Where do I enter the funding source information in the ER?

Funding source information will be entered for each expense line item of an ER. A default funding source can be set up for each user that will correspond to the expense type of the line.

How do I set up a default funding source for ERs?

You may request Setup & Maintenance of default funding sources in expense reports through the Office of Continuous Improvement Request Center. Include the employee name and valid funding source.

What documentation is required for the ER?

All business expense reimbursements require a complete, clear business purpose substantiated by receipts that show proof of payment, what was purchased, name and location of vendor, and date of purchase.

  • Travel Authorization (TA): Attach the approved TA for all travel-related expenses. Any documentation attached to the TA will be available for the links in the PDF.
  • Per Diem: Attach the completed per diem calculator to document the expense item.
  • P-Card Receipts: Attach any travel-related p-card receipts to the appropriate ER.
  • Reimbursable Receipts: Attach all itemized, legible receipts to the appropriate ER.
  • Mileage: Provide personal vehicle license number.

How long do I have to request my reimbursement?

Travelers must submit reimbursement requests with required supporting documentation within sixty (60) calendar days of incurring the expense or returning from the trip. Reimbursement requests submitted after sixty (60) calendar days will be taxable to the traveler. Reimbursement requests submitted after one hundred twenty (120) days will be denied. See University Policy #6290 (Accountable Plan).

May I be reimbursed for purchases made prior to my travel?

No. Reimbursement for prepaid expenses will not be made until the trip is completed.

May I delegate another person to enter my ER?

Yes. An employee may delegate entry authority of the ER to another employee by managing delegates in OFC.

Who may approve my ER?

Once an ER is completed and submitted, it will be electronically routed through the standard approval workflow which includes the traveler, the traveler’s supervisor, and the fund source manager.

How do I reimburse travel expenses for a candidate interviewing with the university or other non-employees?

To reimburse non-employees, create an invoice payment and attach a completed Non-Employee Travel Reimbursement Form.

Invoice Payment Q & A

How do I submit more than one invoice for payment?

A separate invoice payment must be completed for each invoice document.

What is an acceptable invoice?

An invoice will need the following essential elements

  • Supplier’s Name, address, other information
  • Date – Invoice date, service date, or delivery date
  • Description of the service provided or product purchased
  • Total amount due
  • (preferred) A unique reference number

What should be done if the invoice does not have an invoice number?

Please see the Invoice Payment Numbering Convention document. It will help you create a unique invoice number. Please call Accounts Payable if you have any questions.

Is a statement, order confirmation, quote, or agreement a substitute for an invoice?

These documents cannot replace an invoice. A statement does not provide enough detail and paying from statements can lead to duplicate payments. An order confirmation does not contain a delivery date. A quote is an estimate and does not contain a true the total amount due for the goods or service. Please contact Accounts Payable if you are not certain that your document is an acceptable invoice.

What should be done if the invoice payment will not validate?

Line Variances are a common reason for invoice payments to not validate. This happens when the line amounts do not match the header amount. Make sure the lines match or add up to the amount in the header. For other validation issues and errors, please contact Accounts Payable.

Why is the invoice returning a “Segment String Error”?

This error message indicates the line has an invalid segment string. Check the distribution combination field and make sure all are segments correct. Contact Accounts Payable with further questions.

What is the approval status of an invoice payment?

Two quick places to check for invoice approval status are the Invoice dashboard and Manage invoices. Please see the Reviewing Invoice Payment Status job aid for further instruction.

Has the invoice been paid?

Two quick places to check for payment are the Campus Transaction Dashboard Payables tab and the payment tab on the invoice record. The invoice record is found using manage invoices. Please see the Running a Campus Transaction Dashboard job aid for further instruction.

What should be done if I cannot find the supplier (or supplier site) I need to pay when entering an invoice payment?

The supplier record needs to be created before the invoice payment can be entered. If you cannot find the supplier (or supplier site) you need to pay through the search functionality, please contact For new supplier requests, include a copy of the invoice (for name and address information) with your email.

What should I do with a rejected invoice?

An invoice rejected because of an incorrect supplier or supplier site must be cancelled and entered again. Accounts Payable will cancel the invoice payment. Please see the Invoice Payment Numbering Convention for instructions on what to enter for the corrected invoice number.

An invoice rejected for an incorrect invoice number, invoice amount, invoice date, or unclear business purpose can be edited and resubmitted for approval. Please see the job aid for further instruction.

Purchase Requisition Q & A

What is a Requisition?

A standard requisition is a request for goods and/or services from a non-employee individual or entity that cannot be paid for with the P-Card or is greater than $2,999.

In Oracle Financial Cloud (OFC), a requisition is used to begin the process for creation of a purchase order or for payment to independent contractors.

Where do I enter the funding source information in the requisition?

Funding source information will be entered for each line item of a requisition under the Billing section of the purchase requisition. A primary funding source may be setup for all transactions. You may also setup additional favorite funding sources that will allow you to select from a drop down when coding your transaction.

What documentation is required for the requisition?

All requisitions require a complete and clear business purpose, item description, and funding source. Other requirements vary by transaction type.
Independent Contractor: Include an invoice and the supplier contract.
Standard Requisition: Include supplier quotes, contract, software license, note to buyer for any specific request, SRR approval for new or renewing software.
Forms: Vary by transaction according to policy requirements. Reach out to Purchasing or Accounts Payable for specific requirements.

May I delegate another person to enter a requisition?

There is no need to delegate permission. Any user is able to select the appropriate requester on a requisition in the system.

What is the status of my requisition?

The status of your requisition can be reviewed in OFC by reviewing the Lifecycle of the transaction. If the requisition is pending approval, you may view the approval workflow by selecting the status.

Who may approve my requisition?

Requisitions will enter the Standard Approval Workflow upon submission. It will be reviewed by the supervisor of the requester and funding source person. For project-funded transactions, the PI will also review the transactions. For transactions greater than $9,999, there will be additional approval necessary. These are automated in the system.

Reporting Q & A

How do I get access to reporting in OFC?

You have access to most reporting when you gain access to OFC through My Dashboard, Financial Reporting Center, Reports and Analytics, Scheduled Processes, and General Accounting icons.

Can I save search parameters in reports?

There are two reports that save search parameters. The Account Analysis Report may be scheduled on an interval with the same search parameters each run. The Budget vs. Actual – expandable by column and row also save the previous search parameters for the report.

How do I access salary ledger detail?

If you require access to the salary ledger, make a request through the help desk. This requires supervisor approval.

How do I know which report to run?

The Reporting Tools Matrix outlines each of the report’s functionality with starting point. Each of the job aids related to reporting include a purpose statement to identify the uses for the specific report

I found a transaction that was coded to the incorrect funding source, what should I do?

These transactions may be corrected using the Correcting Entry Matrix.

How do I cancel a schedule process in OFC?

In Scheduled Processes change Submission Time to Before and Status to Wait and click Search.

Click on the row that has a blank Schedule Time and select Cancel Process.

Travel Authorization Q & A

How do I access the Travel Authorization Application on myBoiseState?

Login to the Travel Application at with your Boise State username and password. It is also available from myBoiseState under resources.

What is a Travel Authorization (TA)?

A TA is an electronic form that documents the details about proposed travel and estimated costs. Each TA is specific to a planned trip with a defined location, start and end dates, and business purpose. A TA also serves as written permission to travel for the performance of official duties. Note: You can submit TAs only for future travel dates. You cannot submit TAs for travel that has start and end dates in the past.

How far in advance should I submit a TA?

A TA should be submitted in enough time to be approved before the travel will occur.

  • Employee: At least two weeks prior to travel is recommended.
  • Student/Group: At least three to four weeks prior to travel is recommended.
  • Cash Advance: At least three to four weeks prior to travel is recommended

Where do I enter the funding source information for the TA?

Funding source information will be entered into the Travel Authorization in order to hold department funds for future travel. All travel will be encumbered to the account segment 539999.

Can the traveler incur any expenses prior to the approval of the TA?

The TA must be approved prior to incurring expenses for the planned travel.

What do I do if I come back from a trip and there are no further reimbursements?

Complete the Request to Cancel Travel Encumbrance form in OrgSync in order to remove encumbrance related to travel.

What do I do if the trip was cancelled?

Edit the Travel Authorization in the application and select Cancel Request at the bottom of the form.

Will the TA be required with the Expense Report?

Attach the PDF of the approved TA to all transactions related to trip, including Expense Reports, Payment Requests, and P-Card receipts.

How do I cancel a travel encumbrance?

For cancelled travel, the travel authorization should be cancelled to trigger a cancellation of the encumbrance. For encumbrance that was not associated with an Expense Report, the Request to Cancel Travel Encumbrance form should be completed in OrgSync.

How do I reimburse travel expenses for a candidate interviewing with the university or other non-employees?

To reimburse non-employees, create an invoice payment and attach a completed Non-Employee Expense Form.

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