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Works Reports and Roles

Works Reports

Works reports can be run on demand by Works users. If customizing Works report dates, use Selected Cycle or Previous Cycle to match transactions to the correct billing cycle.

Use this guide to Run a Works Report on Demand and select one of the reports below to view cycle-to-date activity during the billing cycle period:

  • Works +Cycle to Date Transactions Report (XLS) -Provides condensed view of current cycle transactions including sign-off status up to today’s date in Excel format.
  • Works +Cycle to Date Cardholder Statement (PDF) Provides list of transactions up to today’s date in PDF format.

Scheduled Reports

Scheduled Works Reports below may be run on demand on the first business day after the billing cycle closes. Use Run a Scheduled Works Report on Demand (PDF) guide for support with running the reports below.

Works Cardholder Statement Report (PDF)

  • Scheduled to run for cardholders on the 25th of each month
  • This report provides a list of previous cycle transactions for a specific cardholder. It’s a signature form authorizing expense by cardholder.
  • Cardholders can run the report on demand on the first business day after the cycle period closes.

Works P-Card Sign-Off Status Report (Excel)

  • Scheduled to run for approvers on the 25th of each month.
  • This report provides a spreadsheet view of all previous cycle transactions regardless of sign-off status.
  • Report includes a sign-off date column for both cardholders and approvers along with accounting detail, vendor info, amount and business purpose entry. This report can be run on demand to review sign-off status to ensure all expense is fully signed off.
  • Use this report for review or budgeting purposes as it provides easy access to your P-Card transactions in a spreadsheet format.

Works Authorization of P-Card Expense form (PDF)

  • Scheduled to run for approvers on the first of each month (sign-off should be complete at this point).
  • This report is a signature form and is required during audit to ensure expense has been reviewed and approved by manager.
  • This report provides a list of previous cycle transactions of all cardholders within an assigned area.
  • Authorizer (Department Head, Director, Dean, VP, or Business Manager) is responsible for reviewing and authorizing P-Card expense as legitimate via signature each month. Auditors will expect to see a manager signature on this form.

Works Roles

Assign other staff to Works roles to assist in managing P-Card sign-off.

Reconciler Role

  • Departments can designate one or more reconcilers to complete sign-off on behalf of cardholders. Note: The approver cannot be assigned as the reconciler but you can assign other cardholders, or other staff members to assist with expense sign-off. Submit a P-Card Request to assign a reconciler to one or more cards.
  • Assign a staff member as a permanent backup reconciler for all cards; or,
  • Assign a staff member as a reconciler for an individual card (this can be a temporary or permanent assignment).

Approver Role

  • Departments may assign more than one Works Approver. Submit a P-Card Request to assign additional approvers. (Please note in the comments field of the form if the role is secondary or assign specific cardholders to the approver).
  • The approver can delegate their approver responsibilities temporarily to another employee if they know in advance they cannot meet the approval due date. Notify the P-Card Team at to set up a temporary delegated approver.

Scoped Accountant Role

  • Department may designate one or more employees as scoped accountants. Submit a P-Card Request to designate one or more scoped accountants for your area.
  • Scoped accountants can run Works reports to view past and current P-Card transaction detail for their area.
  • Scoped accountants can allocate expense on behalf of cardholders to ensure transactions post to the correct funding source.
  • This role doesn’t allow sign off but it does allow your area to ensure expense is allocated correctly if a cardholder is unable to sign off by the due date.