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CategoryTopicJob Aid (PDF)Job Aid (Word)Last UpdatedAdditional Info
Accounts ReceivableRunning an Accounts Receivable Aging reportPDFText Based8/13/19
Accounts ReceivableViewing Account Activity and Transaction Detail for a Customer AccountPDFText Based6/5/19
Accounts ReceivableViewing and Printing and Accounts Receivable InvoicePDFText Based10/15/18
Accounts ReceivableViewing Balance Details, Funding Source Information, and Transaction Activities for an Accounts Receivable InvoicePDFText Based6/5/19
Approval WorkflowManaging Approval Workflow Rules (Delegating Approval)PDFText Based7/23/19Video instructions
Approval WorkflowModifying Standard Approval WorkflowPDFText Based9/6/19
Approval WorkflowReviewing and Approving or Rejecting Transactions by WorklistPDFText Based9/6/19
Approval WorkflowReviewing-and-Approving-or-Rejecting-from-Notification-BellPDFText Based9/6/19
BudgetCreating and Submitting a Budget Transfer
PDFText Based7/17/18Budget Transfer Template
BudgetReviewing a Budget Journal EntryPDFText Based6/5/19
BudgetReviewing and Approving or Rejecting Budget TransfersPDFText Based10/15/18
ExpensesAdding and Deleting Delegates to Enter Expense ReportsPDFText Based6/5/19
ExpensesAdding Direct Deposit Information for Expense ReportsPDFText Based6/5/19
ExpensesCreating and Submitting Expense ReportsPDFText Based2/19/20 SOP
ExpensesRequesting and Completing a Cash AdvancePDFText Based6/5/19
ExpensesReviewing and Approving or Rejecting Expense Reports - EmailPDFText Based6/5/19SOP
ExpensesReviewing Expense Report StatusPDFText Based8/16/19
ExpensesWithdrawing and Editing an Expense ReportPDFText Based11/13/19
Journal EntriesCreating and Submitting a Departmental DepositPDFText Based9/17/19
Journal EntriesCreating and Submitting a Journal EntryPDFText Based7/17/19Video Instructions

Journal EntriesCreating and Submitting a Payroll Correcting EntryPDFText Based7/17/19Video Instructions

Payroll Correction Template
Internal PaymentsCreating and Submitting Internal PaymentsPDFText Based11/18/19Internal Payment Campus Template
Invoice PaymentCreating and Submitting an Invoice PaymentPDFText Based2/19/20SOP

Video Instructions
Invoice PaymentEditing a Saved or Submitted Invoice PaymentPDFText Based2/19/20
Invoice PaymentReviewing Invoice Payment StatusPDFText Based2/20/20Video Instructions
Invoice PaymentReviewing and Approving or Rejecting an Invoice Payment by EmailPDFText Based9/6/19
PCardAllocating Expenses - WorksPDFn/a7/1/16
Projects and AwardsNavigating the Awards Work AreaPDFText Based10/15/18
Projects and AwardsRequesting Boise State PI Awards RolePDFText Based6/5/19Request access to the Awards module in OFC.
Projects and AwardsReviewing Project Budgets and ExpendituresPDFText Based5/17/19
Purchasing RequisitionsCreating and Submitting Independent Contractor RequisitionsPDFText Based11/13/19SOP
Purchasing RequisitionsCreating and Submitting Standard RequisitionsPDFText Based11/13/19SOP
Purchasing RequisitionsEditing a Saved or Submitted Standard RequisitionPDFText Based9/6/19
Purchasing RequisitionsManaging Requisition PreferencesPDFText Based11/13/19
Purchasing RequisitionsReviewing and Approving or Rejecting Requisitions - EmailPDFText Based5/17/19SOP
Purchasing RequisitionsReviewing Requisition StatusPDFText Based6/5/19
Purchasing RequisitionsUsing Fisher Scientific PunchOut CatalogPDFText Based10/17/19
ReportingRunning a Budget Variance - Local ReportPDFText Based6/5/19Summary for local funding sources remaining balance by account rollup.
ReportingRunning a Budget vs Actual - Expandable by Row ReportPDFText Based6/5/19Comparison of budget and operations ledgers, may drill to transaction detail.
ReportingRunning a Campus Transaction Dashboard ReportPDFText Based5/17/19Search for transaction detail related to invoices, payments, deposits, journal entries, budget, expense reports, requisitions, purchase orders, and requisition lifecycle.
ReportingRunning a Detail Balances ReportPDFText Based6/5/19Search for transaction detail and drill to original transaction.
ReportingRunning a Remaining Budget - Appropriated ReportPDFText Based6/5/19Summary for appropriated funding sources remaining balance by account rollup.
ReportingRunning a Salary Ledger ReportPDFText Based6/5/19Search for salary transaction details.
ReportingRunning a Supplier SearchPDFText Based6/5/19
ReportingRunning an Account Monitor ReportPDFText Based6/5/19Monitor specific funding source activity.
ReportingRunning and Scheduling an Account Analysis Report
PDFText Based6/5/19Search for transaction detail and schedule on interval.
ReportingRunning Project List ReportsPDFText Based5/17/19
ReportingRunning the Approval Workflow Dashboard ReportPDFText Based2/20/20Review approval workflow records for expense reports and requisitions.
Video instructions
ReportingRunning the Budget vs Actual - Oracle ReportingPDFText Based12/4/18Comparison of budget and operations ledgers, may drill to transaction detail in Oracle Reporting.
ReportingRunning the Travel Authorization ReportPDFText Based5/17/19View Expense Reports with associated Travel Authorizations
ReportingRunning a Budget vs Actual Dashboard for Sponsored ProgramsPDFText Based9/27/19
Travel AuthorizationsCreating and Submitting Travel AuthorizationsPDFText Based1/22/19SOP
Travel AuthorizationsEditing or Cancelling a Travel-Authorization RequestPDFText Based11/20/19
Travel AuthorizationsReviewing and Approving or Rejecting Travel AuthorizationsPDFText Based6/30/17
Travel AuthorizationsReviewing Travel Authorization StatusPDF
Text Based
University FinanceChart of Accounts OverviewPDFText Based5/9/19COA video