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Idaho State Board of Education Submissions

The Idaho State Board of Education (SBOE) receives its authority directly from the Idaho State Constitution with a mission “to provide leadership, set policy, and advocate for transforming Idaho’s educational system to improve Idaho citizen’s quality of life and enhance the state’s global competitiveness.” Click here to review the Authority and Scope of the Board.

The Board holds meetings with the higher education institutions and other education agencies several times per year. Current meeting dates are provided below and are also available via the Idaho State Board of Education link in the menu above.

FY22 BAHR Schedule


Board Meeting DateAgenda Items Due
to VPCFO Office
Agenda Items Due
Meeting Location
October 20-21, 2021
September 1, 2021
September 8, 2021Virtual
December 15, 2021
October 27, 2021
November 3, 2021Virtual
February 16-17, 2022
December 22, 2021
January 5, 2022Boise State University
April 20-21, 2022
March 2, 2022
March 9, 2022University of Idaho
June 15, 2022
April 14, 2022
April 21, 2022Virtual
NOTE: It is important to forward all agenda items to the VPCFO Office by the red due date to allow editing and review by the university review committee before submission to the Board.

Audit Committee

Without regard to the source of funding, before any institution or agency under the governance of the Board begins to make capital improvements, either in the form of alteration and repair to existing facilities or construction of new facilities, it must be authorized based on the limits listed below. Projects requiring executive director or Board approval must include a separate budget line for architects, engineers, or construction managers and engineering services for the project cost.
Project Originally
Authorized By
Original Project
Value of
Aggregate Revised
Project Cost
Authorized By
Local Agency$500,000Any$500,000Local Agency
Local Agency$500,000Any$500,000-$1,000,000Executive Director
Local Agency$500,000Any$1,000,000SBOE
Executive Director$500,000-$1,000,000$500,000$1,000,000Local Agency
Executive Director$500,000-$1,000,000Any$1,000,000SBOE
SBOE$1,000,000$500,000AnyLocal Agency
SBOE$1,000,000$500,000-$1,000,000AnyExecutive Director

Boise State submissions related to Business Affairs and Human Resources are managed by the Office of the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. A list of typical submission types may be found on the menu bar to the left and include capital projects, contracts, purchases valued at $500,000 or more, gifts, and naming/memorializing, etc.

Items to be addressed by the Board at its regularly scheduled meetings must be submitted using a prescribed format. The institutional requirements and a template for the institutional cover page are located on the SBOE web site and are included below along with other forms used for various agenda item submissions:

All agenda items and attachments must be forwarded to Word format (where possible) at on or before the dates indicated in the second column above. Submissions will then be reviewed by an internal review committee consisting of the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Office, Provost, Chief of Staff and the Executive Director of Institutional Compliance.


The SBOE does not accept late agenda item submissions. Agenda items received after the due dates noted above will not be submitted.

Please contact or (208) 426-1200, regarding any item you believe may require SBOE approval (for a current or future meeting) as well as any questions or concerns about the submission process and/or due dates.

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