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BAHR Regular Agenda Items

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  • Student Fee setting for upcoming academic year
  • Report on Appropriations for upcoming fiscal year
  • Line Item Budget Request Guidelines for Next Subsequent Fiscal Year
  • Athletics Revenue and Expense Report (NCAA template)
  • Athletics Compensation Reports
  • Gender Equity Reports
  • Opportunity Scholarship COA Limits


  • Appropriated Funds Operating Budgets for Upcoming Fiscal Year
  • Approve Line Items for Upcoming Fiscal Year


  • Approve Budget Requests
  • Approve Capital, A&R projects, and 6-year Capital Plan
  • NCAA Academic Progress Rate (APR) Scores


  • Budget Revisions
  • Sources and Uses Report (Consent)


  • Audit Presentation (Audit)
  • Financial Ratios Review (Audit)
  • Net Asset Balances