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Using Siteimprove for Web Accessibility

Siteimprove is Boise State University’s website accessibility scanner. Siteimprove runs periodic scans of the Boise State website and evaluates content for potential accessibility related issues. Based on the results of each scan, Siteimprove can email site administrators easy-to-use Accessibility Reports that identify issues on an individual site’s pages.

Getting Started with Siteimprove for Accessibility

Account Access

To request Siteimprove access for your site, please submit a ticket to the OIT Helpdesk requesting access to Siteimprove by emailing Please be sure to include the site you need access to, ie.

Key Terms to Know

Conformance Level

Conformance level refers to website adherence to either Level A, AA, or AAA Web Conformance Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 standards

  • Level A Conformance – Level A is the minimum level of conformance in the WCAG 2.0. For Level A conformance, the web page satisfies all the Level A success criteria, or a conforming alternate version is provided.
  • Level AA Conformance – Level AA is the medium level of conformance in the WCAG 2.0 and is the conformance level required for all public facing web pages at Boise State (Policy #8140: Information Technology Accessibility). For Level AA conformance, the web page satisfies all Level A and Level AA conformance success criteria or a Level AA conforming alternate version is provided.
  • Level AAA Conformance – Level AAA is the highest level of conformance in the WCAG 2.0. For Level AAA conformance, the web page satisfies all the Level A, Level AA, and Level AAA success criteria or a Level AAA conforming alternate version is provided.

Step-by-Step Tutorials

To access these tutorials you must be logged in to your Boise State Siteimprove account

Siteimprove has several resources for learning more about the platform.  Two that are particularly useful are the interactive tutorials and the Academy.

Interactive Tutorials

Siteimprove tutorials

From the Siteimprove Accessibility Module, select the Quick Access Siteimprove Help Center, usually displayed as the question mark icon on the screen.

From here you can access the tutorials including:

  1. How to improve PDF accessibility
  2. How to get started in accessibility as an editor
  3. Introduction to accessibility process graphs
  4. Accessibility overview

Siteimprove Academy

From the Help Center and Academy menu item, you can visit the Academy to review a whole suite of tutorials. The ones most relevant to accessibility include:

  1. Accessibility for Content Contributors and Designers
  2. Accessibility for Leadership
  3. Accessibility for Microsoft Office
  4. Accessibility for Web Developers
  5. Mastering Web Optimization with Siteimprove

Accessibility Quick Start Guide

Web Admin To-Do List

We have compiled a custom Dashboard that covers all the steps you can take to keep your website accessible for all users.

By default, Siteimprove displays the DCI Score Dashboard. To change this view, select the DCI Score Dashboard link and scroll through the available options and select Web Admin To-Do List. You can even flag the To-Do list as a favorite by selecting the Star icon in the list.

Select Web Admin To-Do List from available dashboards

Review Dashboard

The Web Admin To-Do List Dashboard contains relevant items from across the Siteimprove Platform including Accessibility, Quality Assurance, Policies, and SEO.

The dashboard is organized as follows:

  1. Resolve Issues with Headings
  2. Resolve Issues with Images
  3. Resolve Issues with Links
  4. Resolve Issues with Documents
  5. Resolve Issues with Tables
  6. Resolve Issues with Media

Additionally, there are quick links provided in the To-Do List Dashboard to help you troubleshoot and resolve issues.

Review Issues

Within each section of the To-Do List Dashboard are a number of issues. Each issue table includes up to five rows by default. If your site has more than five issues in a table, you will have an option to navigate to additional pages. We recommend sorting your content by Occurrences. You can expand the Pages column to locate individual page report links.

Issue Table
Sort issue table by number of occurrences. Expand the Pages to see individual pages with the issue.

Open Page Report

Next, select one of the hyperlinks in your issues table to access the Accessibility Page Report. Here you’ll find an overview of the issue, the number of occurrences on the page, and a preview of the page itself. You can toggle between the Occurrences on this page to highlight the content on the page preview. This can help you identify where on the page the issue is located.

If you are having trouble locating the issue, you can also toggle the HTML view by selecting HTML from the Occurrences on this page section.

Fix the Issue

After reviewing the issue on the page report, you can quickly access the page by using the URL link or Edit in CMS button provided in the page report.

The URL link is a great option if you need to fix an issue related to a table, form, or navigation. The Edit in CMS option takes you directly to the edit page in WordPress. For troubleshooting assistance and support see Fix the Issue on Webguide.

Using Siteimprove for Accessibility Workshop

If you’d like to learn more about using Siteimprove to monitor and track your site’s accessibility, you can register for the in-person workshop available from OIT.  Find details at the OIT Training Calendar of Classes.

Installing the Siteimprove Chrome Extension

The Siteimprove Accessibility Checker is your tool to evaluate any web page for accessibility issues at any given time. It provides intuitive, visual feedback about your content by highlighting detected issues right on the page and gives you:

  • An immediate overview of your page’s accessibility issues
  • Clear explanations of how they affect your users
  • Specific recommendations on how to fix highlighted issues
  • All analysis done entirely within the Chrome browser, allowing secure evaluation of password-protected or non-public pages, multi-step forms, and dynamic content. Get started today and help making the web a better place for all.

While the Siteimprove dashboard should still be the primary tool for making your Boise State WordPress site accessible, the Chrome extension allows you to see real-time errors. This can be useful in making sure any changes you made fixed accessibility errors or did not create new ones.

How to install the extension

  1. Navigate to the Download page on the Chrome Web Store
  2. Click the Add To Chrome button
  3. A dialog box will pop up asking to confirm the installation of the extension. Click the Add Extension button
  4. After the extension is successfully added to Chrome, a circular Siteimprove icon will appear to the right of your browser’s address bar
  5. Click this icon to set up the extension. You will be presented with a web form asking for some basic information and an email. Fill out the form and select “Get Started”
  6. Now you can use the extension to check accessibility.

How to use the extension

  1. Navigate to the page you wish to scan for accessibility errors
  2. Select the Siteimprove Accessibility Checker icon from next to your browser address bar
  3. After selecting the Siteimprove Accessibility Checker will show a report of all of the issues on the current page
  4. You can filter these issues by type or select an issue to learn more about it

Additional Information

For more details about using the Siteimprove Accessibility Checker Chrome Extension visit the Siteimprove Chrome Extension FAQ.