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Draft – Time Card Management for Employees

Who is this job aid for?

This job aid is for employees who need to:

  • Enter and save a new time card entry for hours worked or absences
  • Edit an existing time card entry prior to submission
  • Submit a time card entry for approval

If you need to submit, update, or withdraw a request for Time Away from Work, please see Time Away from Work for Employees.

If you are a line manager and need to view and approve time for your direct reports, please see Time Card Management for Line Managers.

Important note for screen reader users

This process was tested with Chrome and NVDA. The required select date field and calendar graphic in the add entry form currently do not have an accessible label. The Select Date field is located after the Project field and is labeled FND Overview. The Calendar graphic is located after FND Overview field and is labeled Func Appointment Unlabeled Graphic Link. For this reason we recommend adding only one entry at a time and review the video tutorial Submit Hours Worked as an Employee – Screen Reader Instructions for additional details.

Time Entry Deadlines

Hourly staff time entry is due on Mondays. Time cards will route to your line manager for approval.

Access Bronco Hub Time and Absences

Access Bronco Hub through your myBoiseState Employee View. In the Services section, locate the link for Bronco Hub.

After accessing Bronco Hub, proceed to the Me tab to access the Time and Absences app link.

From Time and Absences, select either the Current Time Card to enter, save, or submit a time card, or Existing Time Cards to edit or view a saved or submitted time card.

Review the Video Tutorial or Steps on this page for additional details.

Video Tutorial – Submit Hours Worked as an Employee

For a video tutorial of the time entry process using a screen reader, please review Submit Hours Worked as an Employee – Screen Reader Instructions.

Steps to Enter, Save or Submit Your Time Card

Step 1: Open Current Time Card

From the Time and Absences app link, select Current Time Card.

Screenshot of current time card graphic link - Open your current time card

After opening your current time card you will know which pay period you are in by the date range in Time Card heading.

Screenshot of Time Card page
The first heading on the Current Time Card page says Time Card and includes a date range for the current pay period. Example Time Card: 4/4/21 – 4/17/21

Step 2: Add Entry

From the Current Time Card, select the Add button to create a timecard and enter your hours worked or absence hours.

Screenshot of add button
The Add button is located in the Entries section on the Current Time Card page.

Step 3: Add Required Fields

The required fields on the add entry page are:

  • Assignment Number
  • Time Reporting Code
  • Select Dates
  • Quantity

The Cost Center, Fund, Department, Supplemental, and Project fields are optional as the funding segment. These fields are not required and if you did not previously enter costing information into PeopleSoft, you do not need to enter it in BroncoHub. If you need to enter funding information to override the default funding segment, then type or use the drop down menus for those fields.

Select Assignment Number

Select the Assignment Number from the available dropdown list and select the appropriate value from the list of active assignment numbers (formerly known as Employee Record Number).

When an Assignment Number is selected, Business Title and Department Name information will automatically populate after the Time Reporting Codes field.

Assignment Number combo box is first field on the add entry page after the OK and Cancel buttons.
Select assignment number value from the available list.

Important Note: If you have multiple assignments, confirm the auto-populated Business Title and Department Name are accurate for time being entered. To review business title and department name with a screen reader, exit form edit mode and review the fields on the page after the Time Reporting Codes combo box.

Select Time Reporting Code

After Assignment Number is the Time Reporting Code field. Select the appropriate Time Reporting Codes dropdown and select the appropriate time reporting code.

Time Reporting Code combo box located after assignment number
Select a time reporting code from the available list or type a code to filter the list. See Common Time Reporting Codes for details.

Note: If you are entering different time reporting codes during the same pay period (eg vacation and hours worked), you will need to create separate entries with different reporting codes.

Common Time Reporting Codes

Here are the most common time reporting codes. For a complete list see Time Reporting Codes.

  • Comp Time – Benefit eligible employees only, select this code to use comp time
  • Comp Time Accrued Regular OR Comp Time Accrued Straight – Benefit eligible employees only, select this code when accruing comp time
  • Federal Workstudy – Federal Work Study students
  • Holiday Accrued – Regular Employees who work on a holiday and want to accrue as comp time.
  • Holiday Worked Paid – Employees who worked on a university holiday
  • Hours Worked – Hourly employees (including non-work study students), use this time reporting code when entering time for regularly scheduled hours worked.
  • Institutional Workstudy – Institutional Work Study only
  • Leave Without Pay – You can use this to take leave if you do not have sufficient absence balance.
  • Regular IWSP OR Idaho Work Study – Idaho Work Study
  • Sick Leave – Benefit Eligible Employees
  • Vacation – Benefit Eligible Employees

Select Dates

Select the Calendar (Select Dates) graphic to select the applicable date(s) for time entry. You can select a single date or multiple dates within the pay period by holding down the control key while selecting.

Select dates field is located after the Project combo box field and is labeled as FND overview. Select Unlabeled Graphic Link to access calendar and navigate using tab, arrow keys, and enter..
Select multiple dates by holding down the CTRL button then selecting ENTER or clicking with your mouse.


After selecting dates, enter the number of hours for the selected dates in the Quantity field.

ProTip – Add Another Date

To add additional dates worked with different quantities of hours, Click Add another date and enter appropriate dates/hours worked. For example, on 4/6/21 you worked 8 hours and on 4/7/21-4/8/21 you worked 4 hours per day.

If you are using a screen reader to enter your time, we don’t recommend using the Add Another Date links as the associated fields do not currently have accessible labels.

Step 5: OK

After you have entered your Quantity of hours, select the OK button to add your entry.

OK button located at beginning of form fields.

Step 6: Review then Save or Submit

Confirm the dates, hours, title and time entry reason (eg Hours Worked or Vacation), prior to saving or submitting time card entry. To review this information with a screen reader, navigate to the Entries Section then you can tab or arrow through the content to access the entry rows.

Screenshot of time card entries - entries located after Action, View By, and Sort By combo boxes
In this example, time entry includes 8 hours worked June 1 – June 3. 4 hours worked on June 4 and 4 hours vacation on June 4.

If you are done entering hours worked but your time card is not complete for the pay period, locate the Actions menu button in the toolbar and select Save and Close from the dropdown list. This will keep your time card in a saved but not submitted status.

If your time card is complete and ready to be submitted to your line manager for approval, select the Submit button.

As a best practice, wait until the end of the pay period to submit your time card for line manager approval.

There are two Action buttons on this page. You must select the Actions menu is the Toolbar

Steps to Edit or View Your Saved or Submitted Time Card