Moving to the New Theme

This guide is intended to help prepare departments and site admins who are anticipating moving their website to the new theme. Please read through these materials to gain insight into the process, what you can expect, and how to obtain help in the event that you need it.

Our new .edu

Modern and Ready to Work

The new theme makes web standards, accessibility, and content creation simple. So you can focus on your users and department goals, not your website.

View examples of finished websites at the Boise State homepage, at the Admissions Office, and the Office of Information Technology.

The 4 Steps


What to Expect

Conversions vs Starting Blank

Considerations for site conversions

Conversions are the default migration option. If you do not specifically identify that you want a blank site, your site will be converted. The advantage of converting your site is that your content (pages, posts, media, and tables) move over automatically. However, converting your site does not always save time, and can involve risks such as:

  1. Unsupported shortcodes. Shortcodes aren’t supported in the new theme, and do not convert. They have to be removed manually.
  2. Conversion complications. The automated conversion process is complex and imperfect, which has the potential to provide unexpected results. Unexpected results may mean more time fixing problems after the site has moved to production.
  3. It all comes over. If your website has unused content or unnecessary overhead, this is retained.

Considerations for starting blank

  1. Skip the line. Because blank sites don’t have to wait for a limited-space development environment, they can be created immediately and development can begin far ahead of the posted schedule.
  2. Predictable. Since your content is being built by a human (instead of a robot converting your content), there are inherently fewer issues, problems, and surprises.
  3. Don’t worry about shortcodes. Converted sites have to delete unsupported shortcodes from their pages, but blank sites don’t have to worry about this.
  4. Faster learning curve. Everyone has to learn the new theme, but it’s much easier to learn by building new content than it is by troubleshooting content that has converted over with unexpected results.
  5. Big sites need more time. If your site has hundreds (or thousands) of pages, it will take more time to manually move over any historical content that needs to be included in the new site.

Can a subsite migrate with a blank site, and a parent site migrate with a conversion (or vice versa)

No. If the subsite is to continue “living” with the parent site, they need to migrate via the same method.


When will my site move into the new theme?

The Site Migration Scheduling page contains an approximate schedule, but is subject to change as timing is dependent on many factors.

Can we migrate earlier than our scheduled slot?

Yes. The fastest way to accelerate your migration is to create a blank site, which can be made available to you within a week (typically). If you want to begin immediately by building a blank site, please email or call (208) 426-4357 to request it.

Can a subsite of my parent site migrate before/after my parent site?

No. If the subsite is to continue “living” with the parent site, they need to migrate at the same time.

Before your Migration

Planning and preparation today will help make your migration faster and easier later.

  1. Curate what makes the cut. It takes time to decide what content should be copied over. Start purging old and outdated content now so that your new site’s sitemap and menu benefit later. Refer to the Audit, Remove, Remediate, and Plan steps outlined in the Content Strategy section of the Webguide for guidance.
  2. We’ll be in touch. About a week before your site is scheduled to migrate, the Site Migration Lead will receive an invite to attend a “Migration Orientation Meeting.” Please attend for more information and and details about the migration process, and feel free to bring any curious site admins along!

During your Migration

After your new site is created (either converted or starting blank) you will have 10 business days to work on it and build it to meet your department or college’s requirements. This step takes place in an environment that is hidden from the public, so your users will continue referencing your old site while your new one is being built.

Review Site Migration Tasks

Going Live with your New Site

When you are comfortable with your new site, and are ready for it to “go-live” (become viewable to the public), please notify the Help Desk at or (208) 426-4357.

Be aware that the go-live process can take up to a week, so please allocate time for it if you are strategizing your new site’s launch.

What happens when my site "goes live?"

When your new site goes live, it will first be made publicly available and then a redirect will be established that sends all users who visit your old URL to your new site.

Will I have access to my old site after my new site goes live?

No. After the redirect is established, you won’t be able to visit your old site because it will redirect you to your new one (even the /login page). Please ensure your new site fulfills all of the content needs of your department, college, and/or users before requesting your go-live.

Hyperlinks (URLs)

How will my site's old URLs be affected?

Your site’s old URL format ( will automatically convert to

After your new site is live, users who navigate to the old URL will automatically be redirected to your new site’s URL.

Will I have to update any URLs?

While we do our best to automatically convert links to the new format, it’s a complicated process that doesn’t capture everything. This will be monitored and addressed on a per-case basis in conjunction with WordPress Support.


What's happening with SecureForms?

Your new site will have your forms built right into the left sidebar. After your new site is live you will have no need to use again, since you will use “Gravity Forms” right on your department’s site. For this reason, your old Secure Forms site will be deactivated when your new site goes live.

What is Gravity Forms?

Gravity Forms is the exact same tool you are used to using at The functionality, features, and UI is identical to what you are used to.

What's happening with all my old SecureForms forms?

Your forms (the actual questions, fields, and workflows) will be imported into your new site. They will all look and behave exactly as you set them up originally.

What's happening with my old form submissions?

Old form submission data cannot be imported into your new site, but your data will not be lost. All legacy form data can be exported to CSV files for future compiling with new form submissions.

Please be sure to follow OIT Governance and information security ( for data storage. Questions about this should be directed to the Chief Information Security Officer: Email: Phone: (208) 426-5701

Will the URLs for my forms change?

Yes. Since your forms are moving from SecureForms to your site, they will no longer be accessed on Learn more about the specifics involved when you begin building your new site.

When will my Secure Forms site no longer be accessible?

Your old Secure Forms site will be deactivated when your new site goes live.


What's happening with my tables?

Your tables will be imported into your new theme. They will continue to be available and work as you are used to.