Site Migration Scheduling

There are two ways of migrating into the new theme: converting your old site’s existing content into the new theme, or starting with a blank site.

Converted Sites (default)

All sites are scheduled to be converted by default. Your department or college’s specific migration date is identified in the Migration Schedule. On your scheduled week, your old site’s content will migrate into the new theme and you will have 10 business days to work on your new site. One week after the work on your new site is completed, it will go live.

If you would prefer to migrate your site earlier than scheduled, you may request that you instead migrate with a blank site.

Request a Blank Site (by request)

The fastest way to get your new website up and running is by starting with a blank site and building your website from scratch. Additionally, this is a much smoother migration process for smaller sites (< ~100 pages). Typically, we can get a blank site created and available for you in under a week. If you want to begin immediately, please email or call (208) 426-4357 and request ‘a blank WordPress site.’

When you submit your Help Desk request, please ensure you include the following information:

  • Indicate which site you are migrating. (for example:
  • The URL that you want for the new website following It’s common to reuse whatever is at the beginning of your current site’s URL. (for example:
  • The name/title of the new site (for example: Office of Information Technology)
  • The primary/lead site administrator’s name


Not sure which migration path is best for your site? Learn more about blank websites versus converted websites on the Moving to the New Theme page.