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Migrated Site URLs Policy in Siteimprove

The Migrated Site URLs Report in Siteimprove can help you find links on your site that are outdated due to the site migration project. Although the old hostname URLs ( were temporarily redirected to the new URL structure (, those temporary redirects will expire in the coming months. Update URLs to avoid users encountering broken links on your site.

Access the Migrated Site URLs Report

  1. Log in to Siteimprove at
  2. In the Siteimprove menu, navigate to Quality Assurance, then select “Summary” and “QA Policies.”
  3. Select the “Migrated site URLs” policy from the list of Quality Assurance Policies.
  4. The Policy Details page will provide a list of pages on your site with links to sites that have already moved to the new Boise State WordPress theme.