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Siteimprove Site Inventory

As content is added to your website over time, it can be challenging to track all of the content on your site to ensure it is updated and relevant. The Siteimprove Inventory reports can provide you with easy-to-use lists of all of the different types of content on your site.

You can use the Siteimprove Inventory reports to:

  • See a list of all pages and posts Siteimprove found on your site. This list can also be exported as a csv file and imported into a spreadsheet as a tool for a more in-depth content audit.
  • Review a list of all of the PDF, Word, and PowerPoint documents on your site, including the page that links to each document. Reviewing the document list can help quickly identify documents that are outdated and can be removed from the site.
  • Review a list of all of the email addresses Siteimprove identified on your site to ensure you are not listing outdated contact information.

Access the Siteimprove Inventory Reports

  1. Log in to Siteimprove at
  2. In the Siteimprove menu, navigate to Quality Assurance, then select “Inventory.”
  3. Within the Inventory module, choose from Pages, Links, Documents or other inventory reports.