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Meet Our Consultants

Our writing consultants are made up of undergraduate and graduate students from diverse disciplines, backgrounds, and experiences in order to meet the demands of an ever-growing campus.

We are excited to work with you throughout your college career to help you develop paths forward with any writing project, at any stage of the process.

Meet our Undergraduate Consultants!

Our undergraduate consultants are your trained peers with a variety of writing and research strengths, majors, minors, and interests!

AlyAly is a writing center consultant who is passionate about working with students to not only improve their writing, but to help them recognize the power of their own voices and stories. Working in the Boise State Writing Center for two years, Aly focuses on showing students how to present themselves, their ideas, and their hard work in the best way possible. As a consultant, Aly’s particular experiences have given her valuable skills in brainstorming, literary/film analysis, and writing in the areas of personal statements, scholarship/admittance essays, and graduate papers/dissertations. In Fall of 2019, Aly studied abroad in Stirling, Scotland, where she also worked as a photography intern. She graduated magna cum laude with her Bachelor’s Degree in English emphasizing in Literature in May of 2020.
Amanda H.Amanda is a senior in Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication. She started working in writing centers during her sophomore year of high school and has been consulting ever since. Amanda is interested in engaging with and learning about different perspectives and world views and helping students find the best way to communicate those perspectives. As a consultant, Amanda is interested in working with research writing, critical analysis, and because of her major, is skilled in technical communication. Amanda also works on the Inclusive Excellence Student Council as a student activist and is interested in advocating for student needs and engaging with advocacy writing.
CaitlinCaitlin is a third-year student majoring in Writing, Rhetoric, & Technical Communication, minoring in German. When it comes to writing, Caitlin believes that writers should be true to themselves and their stories. She wants every writer to be proud of the words they put on paper. Having worked as a carousel operator, restaurant hostess, bookkeeper, barista, and now writing consultant, Caitlin has not only the education, but also the real-world skills to help writers with resumes and cover letters. Before attending Boise State, Caitlin studied in Germany on a governmental scholarship and backpacked her way to the base of Mt. Everest. Her experiences have given her a global mindset and belief that hard work and the right frame of mind makes anything possible. This mindset and belief have translated themselves to her work in the Writing Center. Upon graduating, Caitlin plans to move to Alaska and work in sustainable tourism.
CamrynCamryn is a senior English Teaching major with a minor in Linguistics. As a consultant and future teacher, she strives to empower student writers to clearly, effectively, and creatively convey their ideas in a way that is true to themselves. Camryn’s work in the Writing Center allows her to transfer her teaching skills and philosophies into collaborative sessions with writers, creating a productive and empowering environment. Camryn particularly enjoys consulting creative and literature-based projects, but is excited to tackle any projects that come her way.
CarleeCarlee is a senior English Literature major. As much as they enjoy the stereotypical good book and cup of tea, they value the ability of literature to empower both writers and readers. In the Writing Center, Carlee works to ensure writers leave their sessions feeling confident in their ideas. They enjoy seeing papers from other disciplines and learning from those experiences, in addition to their experience with writing for the humanities. Their favorite part of writing center work is connecting with unique individuals and ideas, as well as the enrichment that comes from collaboration. You might meet them at the library late at night, feel free to say hi!
DavidDavid is a senior majoring in rhetoric and technical communication and minoring in creative writing, meaning he is comfortable with a wide range of genres from professional bios to personal essays. David also worked as a journalist for a year and loves to help writers sift through their work to find the heart of their piece, especially if there is a strict word count involved. Whether the piece is feeling a bit long or aimless, or if a writer is simply feeling overwhelmed, David excels at working with writers to find focus. In addition to his journalistic work, David also helped write three episodes of a TV show for Boise State’s Narrative Television Initiative and enjoys watching, discussing and writing about visual media.
EmmaEmma is an undergraduate student at Boise State studying Environmental Ecology and Behavior. As a consultant, Emma’s goal is to help writers communicate their ideas in a clear and engaging manner. Her blended background in STEM as an Ecological Vegetation Technician for Idaho National Lab and as the editor of Idaho Native Plant Society, and her nearly complete certificate in Technical Communications lends itself to her direct and holistic inquiry based consulting style.
JennaJenna is an undergraduate student at Boise State studying Elementary Education while endorsing in Teaching English as a Second Language, English as a New Language and Literacy. As a consultant, Jenna’s outlook on writing is that everyone has a story to tell and students should come to the writing center prepared to learn something they did not already know. The way Jenna consults students, is in a collaborative environment, meaning student’s thoughts and ideas are equal, if not more important, than her own. As a student herself, Jenna performs in the Blue Thunder Marching Band, thus engaging with 235 different majors a day, creating an educated outlook on many professors and how they present their curriculum. The variety of student writing Jenna has experienced has led to flexibility and the understanding of proper communication techniques that teachers and consultants should use when addressing students’ work.
JesusIn his fourth undergraduate year, senior and multilingual student Jesus is pursuing a BA in Linguistics. He enjoys being a consultant by empowering people's voices in their own writing. A variety of courses and research on multilingual writing, agency, and diverse research methods make Jesus excellent at brainstorming, adapting to genres while preserving writers' voices, revising content (consistency, formatting, flow, etc.), and asking questions in search of clarity. Outside the Writing Center, he likes being a Resident Assistant, meeting new people thorugh BSU clubs, and doing research through the McNair Scholars program.
KaileeKailee is a senior earning her Materials Science and Engineering bachelor’s degree. Even as a STEM major, she took many creative and technical writing classes. This diverse writing background allows Kailee to be clear and concise when helping writers improve their confidence with unfamiliar writing styles such as technical or academic/professional writing. She also loves to help improve parts of writing that are found in all genres like transitions, introductions, and conclusions. Fun fact: Kailee has been working in writing centers for 5 years.
KateKate is an undergraduate consultant majoring in global studies with minors in economics and French. She's passionate about helping writers feel confident in the work that they've produced, regardless of the course or their writing skills. She believes everyone has something worth saying, and that there's always a clear and effective way to communicate that to diverse audiences. In Kate's experience as a consultant, she's grown familiar with a variety of liberal arts and STEM genres, as well as both MLA and APA formatting. She also loves to work with multilingual students to help them better their writing skills in ways that seem accessible. Kate is active in both ITE (Institute of Transportation Engineers) and French Club at Boise State. She recently returned to Boise after studying abroad in Lyon, France and is excited to graduate from BSU in the spring of 2021!
KennedyKennedy is a senior Film & TV major studying to become a film editor. She believes that communication is a pivotal aspect of every person’s life and focuses on highlighting individual voices during consultations. Kennedy’s dedication to her academics as well as her honors college status have led her to gain access and invitations to wonderful resources, like the Phi Kappa Phi National Honors Society, which promotes interdisciplinary success. This message rings true in her Writing Center commitments as well. As a film-studying writing consultant, she continues to promote the idea that being a flexible and growing writer is not limited to language studies. Kennedy’s background lends her the skills to partner on writing projects such as podcast scripts, TED Talks, critical analyses, and research essays. She plans on graduating in the spring of 2021, but you can catch her on campus registering students to vote this fall!
MadisonMadison is a 5th year undergraduate student studying secondary education with an emphasis in English, and Spanish. Madison has been in the Writing Center for three years, and has a passion for guiding students towards growth in their writing skills. More specifically, Madison emphasizes audience awareness, and communicating ideas effectively. With her background in teaching, Madison thrives in the Writing Centers 1 on 1 environment and aims to help students by acting as a supportive partner in their writing.
McKenaMcKena is a Boise State Writing Center consultant and a psychology major, meaning she has a solid grasp on all things APA. With her psychology background, she especially enjoys working with writers on papers from the social sciences (psychology, sociology, social work, communication, etc). McKena aims to listen to writers and ask probing questions to help them uncover what they are trying to communicate through their writing. McKena is among the first group of Peer Advisors in the Psychology Department, giving her not only additional experience with serving her fellow students but also experience in planning and contributing to on-campus events
NataliaNatalia is an undergraduate student of writing and rhetoric, who’s interested in finding the deeper purpose of college writing assignments—beyond a letter grade. From personal narrative essays to research articles, from resumes to podcast scripts, Natalia works with students to revise their writing that speaks to a tangible audience. During her final year at Boise State University, Natalia is interning with the BSU Writing for Change Journal, a new multimodal online publishing space for student and community writing. Natalia’s goal is to help her peers gain the confidence and skills to write for real scenarios and audiences, a place where change can happen.
NikkiNikki is her final year at Boise State University. She is currently pursuing a BS in Anthropology and a BA in English Linguistics, with minors in both Economics and Creative Writing. Most recently, she was a Benjamin A. Gilman Scholar and also completed her TESOL certification. Nikki's journey with writing started in a remedial English class and developed over time to turn a subject she struggled with into one of her greatest passions. Nikki's foremost goal is to help Writing Center clients improve confidence in themselves as a writer and the pieces they are developing. She has lots of experience with the different citation formats and loves to help people work through the brainstorming process.
ParkerParker is an undergraduate student at Boise State studying Business Administration with a minor in marketing. She believes that all skills that involve writing can be used throughout daily life. Parker loves to tap into people’s creative side and loves to help those grow in confidence when it comes to writing. Her blended background in Business and Marketing classes allows for Parker to have a more professional stand point on writing. When she is not writing, Parker is spending her time working at The Paul Mitchell Cosmetology school where she learns new beauty techniques every day.
SofiSofi is a Biology undergraduate student at Boise State. As a bilingual consultant in the Boise State Writing Center, Sofi aims to help students find the most rewarding form—and the words—to communicate ideas not only effectively, but also powerfully. Through her experience with science, Sofi can help writers with research papers, scientific presentations, and lab reports. Yet, she also finds the humanities and creative essays fascinating; if she hadn’t pursued Biology, Sofi would have been a historian. Alongside her work at the Writing Center, she deepened her passion for supporting student learning while acting as a TA for the math department. During a consultation, Sofi will be thrilled to get to know a writer’s story, as well as their concerns and needs, and will pose questions that guide them to improve their writing skills rather than an isolated assignment.

Meet Our Graduate Consultants!

Our graduate consultants are prepared to support other graduate students overcome the unique challenges of graduate-level writing. You can make recurring appointments with the same consultant if you’re tackling large writing projects like your thesis or dissertation.

BuckBuck is a master’s student in rhetoric and composition, teaching English 101 and 102, with a BA also in rhetoric and composition from Boise State. Buck’s passion for writing center work stems from a deep desire to help students know themselves through writing; because they understand the way that language shapes our reality, Buck most enjoys working with writers on program applications and statements of purpose, as well as any kind of analysis or creative writing. They also strive to be a resource to LGBT writers, or to anyone writing about issues of power and disadvantage.
CarmenCarmen is a multicultural writer who enjoys partnering with Writing Center clients to not only improve a particular assignment, but to become better writers. She believes writing is not a gift, but rather, a skill that improves with practice, and even more importantly, an essential tool, enabling writers to delve beneath the surface of a problem to not only learn, but to create knowledge. Carmen’s poetry translations have been published in the Hayden Ferry Review and Lunch Ticket. She is writing her first novel, In Solidarity, a coming-of-age narrative set in Communist-era Poland. Carmen holds Bachelor degrees in Engineering, Spanish, and the History of Visual Culture, an MA in Literature and an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia
EmilyEmily is a master’s student studying English Literature, and she teaches English 101 and 102 in Boise State’s First-Year Writing Program. As a result of her teaching and her experience in the Writing Center, she loves helping writers of all levels and disciplines puzzle with the questions they might need to ask themselves regarding the purpose of their writing, the genre they’re writing in, and the audience they’re writing for. Her goal is always to help writers think about the way their thoughts come across on the page once they’re translated into written word.
GretchenGretchen earned her BA in English Literature here at BSU and is now finishing her MA (also in English Literature) while teaching English 101 & 102. Her areas of interest include applying theoretical frameworks to writing projects, taking deep-dives into critical analyses, and engaging with the rhetorical elements at work in any writing piece. She’s also had the opportunity to present research at The International Writing Center Association’s conferences in 2017 and 2019 to advocate awareness on two especially meaningful topics for her: writing apprehension and the accessibility of writing services. Simply put, her emphasis as a consultant is all about curating a positive writing experience for each student, every time, and helping students find and enact their writerly voices.
MichelleMichelle is a graduate student administrator and writing center consultant with 5 years of writing center experience. She received her Bachelor’s in English Literature from Oregon State University, and is now in the second year of her Technical Communication master’s program. Believing in the power of the writer’s voice, Michelle aims to help students communicate their own ideas authentically, as well as develop their own writing skills through the assignments they bring into the center. Michelle loves working with personal statements, developing proposals, and brainstorming creative projects. Outside of the WC, Michelle teaches first-year writing and Intro to Tech Comm, studies the history of magic, and enjoys learning useless pieces of trivia.
NichelleNichelle is a Graduate Assistant in the Writing Center. She is working on her MA in Rhetoric and Composition and wants to be a writing center director after she’s finished with school. Nichelle also authors novels in her free time, and has been doing so for the last ten years. She loves working with creative, academic, and professional writing. She has worked in writing centers as a consultant for over 3 years. Her goal when working with students is to help them learn skills to be more confident writers.