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Video Transcript – Bronco Cribs | Honors and Sawtooth Hall Single Suite with Maggie

Video Transcript

[Chill Music]

[Maggie, Freshman, Biochemistry Major]: Hi I’m Maggie, I’m a freshman studying biochemistry, and I live in Saw Tooth residence hall! Come take a look at my two-bedroom suite!

[Video Description]: Door handle with a scanner attached, scanning a student identification card for authentication.

[Maggie]: There are a couple different room styles that this hall has to offer. I have a two-bedroom, which means I only have one roommate. Some of my favorite things about my room are my full-size bed and tempurpedic mattress, which actually come with the room. Some other things that come with the room are the under the bed storage, as well as the desk and chair! I purchased some things like my pictures and this mirror, to really make my room feel like mine. And one thing that I brought from home, that I absolutely love, is this pillow of my dog. Which really, it just makes me so happy and it makes my room feel so special! The move in process was really easy, it only took about a couple of hours, cause there were people everywhere helping and everything was just so efficient. I am so glad that I got Sawtooth because it’s the newest dorm, has a full-size bed, and has a gorgeous closet, which I love for all my clothes.

[Video Description]: Camera cuts to where we can see Maggie in a kitchen area.

[Maggie]: This is our common room. So both these tables and the chairs come with the room, and you are able to rent the microwave and the fridge. One thing that we did that was really helpful was we put bins underneath for storage. And then my absolute favorite thing about this room are these two pictures where my roommate and I are originally from, and where we’re living now.

[Video Description]: Maggie walks into a bathroom featuring a full-size mirror and double sink vanity.

[Maggie]: Right here we have our double sinks with storage underneath, which is really convenient because my roommate and I are able to get ready at the same time. And then inside here we have our bathroom, and one thing I would really, really recommend is this over the toilet organizer because it’s really helped to maximize our space and to keep our bathroom clean. And the bathroom is super awesome because it’s only shared by my roommate and I so we’re able to keep all of our stuff inside the shower. That’s it you’ve seen it all, I really hope you liked my tour and I hope you come enjoy Sawtooth as much as I have, bye-bye!