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Video Transcript – Bronco Cribs | Morrison and Driscoll Double Room with Maia

Video Transcript

[Video Description]: Closed wooden door decorated with photographs of students.

[Maia, Civil Engineering Major]: Hey Bronco nation! My name’s Maya and welcome to my Bronco crib in Driscoll Hall. Come on in!


[Video Description]: Overlook of all the interconnected Driscoll Hall buildings.

[Maia]: It feels like camp in here because of the bunk beds. We have two bunk beds. They’re supplied with mattresses, and so, uh, typically they’ll give you a ladder but sometimes they won’t, so I would suggest, just be prepared to buy a ladder.

[Graphic]: Double Room

[Maia]: Um, so, I’m the bottom bunk but I have sheets on the top, and I brought some pillows. A big long pillow would help because it keeps you from dropping all your pillows through the holes. Going down to the bottom, I have storage under my bed, which is great. So I have my food pantry, kind of all my snacks in between classes, then all my knickknacks like tissues, like necessities, hooks, and some more sheets, just so I don’t have to rewash them all the time. And then going over to the closet, there are drawers. So there’s, uh, one, two, three, four, five drawers, and they all can fit different things and there is many places to put all your clothes.

[Video Description]: Large open closet with a valet rod, open compartments, and drawers holding clothes, as well as a shoe rack hung alongside the clothes.

[Maia]: I really suggest, also, a shoe rack. A shoe rack really helped me. I have like twenty-thousand pairs of shoes. And I put a little rack, a hanging rack, to hold my backpacks so it gets it out of the way, it’s not cluttering. And I also hang my towels from there, sometimes, occasionally, to dry. There’s the desk that they supply you with, and on the back there’s cork board, and there’s push pins, so you can put all your pictures and make it your own. They give you four shelves to put, big shelves, so you can put anything you want. And down here I wanted to create a little happy spot for me.

[Video Description]: Large open shelf filled with fun figurines and personal items overhanging the desk.

[Maia]: And then going on, they give you a chair, and um, three drawers. They’re pretty deep and they hold a lot of stuff! This is our outlet for two people, and so, I would suggest bringing an extension cord so you can plug in all your computers and stuff because there’s only four plugs to put your stuff in. I have my little basket full of all my hair supplies and stuff, and I suggest getting, like, a shower caddy with holes so it doesn’t, so it drains the water and doesn’t get moldy. And going into the fridge, I have my necessities of Capri Suns, it’s what makes me get through college. They supply you with a trash canĀ  and trash bags outside in the hall.

[Video Description]: Small furnished room decorated with lights and posters, along with a mini-projector and other items.

[Maia]: One of the aspects of living in Driscoll is the community I found, and from that, this place that I’m standing in is the common area. And this common area is small, but you can fit a bunch of people in, and decorate it so well. And we have a sewing machine, we have Nerf guns, uh, we have Nerf gun wars all the time. I found out that this is my community. We all come in here every night and watch movies or we draw, we paint, we, we just talk. Thank you guys for going through my Bronco crib, see you guys later around campus! Go Broncos!