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Video Transcript – Bronco Cribs | Towers Double Room with Kolby

Video Transcript

[High Energy Music]

[Kolby, Freshman, Communications Major]: Hi, I’m Kolby. I’m a first year studying communications. I live in Towers Residence Hall, and today I’m going to give you a tour of my double room. Here it is!


[Kolby]:  This is the room type that everyone in Towers is offered. I live with three other people, and this is a double room that’s split with this wall, and it separates the four of us by having two on two on each side. So my favorite things about this room are the raised beds, the closeness of the desk to the bed, as well as the shared bathroom between the four of us and the white walls. Each person in towers has their own closet, and it helps to bring your own organizational tubs to store some clothing, some winter clothes and summer clothes. These help with hair care. And then, at the top is where we personally keep our cleaning supplies.

[Video Description]: Kolby walks to her bed and lifts the covers to reveal the contents underneath.

[Kolby]: As well as some organizational tubs. I use these for clothes, hair care, skin care, makeup, really anything, as well as a three tier organizational station. I use this for food, cups, a rice maker, towels. Really anything.

[Video Description]: Kolby folds her covers down and walks from her bed to the bathroom doors.

[Kolby]: Each suite has their own bathroom that’s shared by the four of each roommates. Something interesting about it is that the shower, and the toilet, and sink are split. So on the left is the shower. Something that my roommates and I got to make it our own was a three tier storage that helps with our shower caddies, washcloths, and towels. As well as in shower storage where we can make sure that everyone has a space for their own stuff. And then next is our bathroom, where there is a medicine cabinet with storage as well as under the sink storage.

[Video Description]: Kolby moves to a room containing a TV, table, multiple chairs, and other essentials that create a comfortable space.

[Kolby]: This is the common room. This is where most kids choose to study or watch Netflix. There is laundry on every floor, which is right down the hall. And there is also a water filling station on each floor, which most of us use for our Britas. That’s it! Thanks for following me along on my Boise State Bronco Crib tour, see you later!